Direct Connect to UCF for First Generation Students

By: Kimberly Arce & Tiana Valentin

Like many of students before us there are first generation students. Now who know’s what first generation means. Well it’s when neither of your parents or your guardians have a bachelor’s degree, then you are classified as a First Generation student. Let’s face it college could get a little over the top at times for everyone but especially for those first generation student that don’t have the necessary help from parents to fill all the piles of paper work or to simply ask questions you may have about college. What if you had a the chance to get that type of help you needed, would you take it? Applying to college can be a lot of work but also when your transferring from colleges, like from Valencia to UCF. Many of you may not now but the opportunities are there, you just have to look for it.

One opportunity I will share with you is the First Generation Program in UCF. This program provides First Generation College Students with a structured approach to develop meaningful experiences at UCF. This program will ease your transition to college, provide you an academic home, demystify the college experience, assist you with navigating through the university landscape, and help you prepare to succeed at UCF and beyond.