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A Declaration By Danielle Sweeting

To grow… to develop… to mature.
Our whole lives are centered around a process.
A process of becoming better than the last.
Greater than the first … a champion.

We as people we are about growth and
adaption. Making our abilities greater beyond belief.

To day there should be a declaration,
that we the people shall do better will do better
in all aspects I life. We the people shall educate ourselves and promote prosperity to our future generation.
To live up to our inalienable rights to demand respect, walk with
confidence and to spread peace and humility.
to enjoy life in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

We are the beginning of a new change.

Prospective: Danielle Sweeting

New defined coming into my own.
It is like a rebirth a transition to a new state of mind.

I have shed this skin that was abused
and tortured. A skin that has been through so many
battles in life I struggle to think how is survived.

My heart beats stronger and my lungs no longer
feel broken and collapsed. Because one time ago
I was a shattered soul in search of who I am.

Look at me now OOH dear God look at my new structure
that I thank you for giving me.

I refused to destroy my body. I refused to let
others attack and disrespect my sanctity. My serenity will no longer be disturbed.
No longer will man be able to tear away at me an abuse my body.

This is my prospective and it has changed and I love the new me and every
time I look at my self I will have no regrets.

My perspective on life has changed but for the better
because I can be now just be me.

Miss Lady By Danielle Sweeting

Miss lady ooh how I dream to be you.
So poised and strong my inspiration you are.

Miss lady can you reveal your secrets of being an
Empowered and Phenomenal woman to me?

If you can’t then I’ll describe what I see.

It is not your curves but your creativity..
it is not your skin but your personality…
it is not your hair nor nails
nor your shoes or clothes….

Miss Lady it is you! Your inner beauty that shines
through. Your personality, your brains, your confidence..
an educated and lovely thang.

Do you not see Miss lady that your wonderfully and divinely made.
A gift with a purpose sent from God. Yes, purpose that is you!
A woman not defined by men or material thing, not defined by this world
but defined by God.

Being you is why I am inspired and one day
I hope the you, that you are inspires you too.

A woman’s Strength By Danielle Sweeting

You are brave, strong, beautiful
a true defined creature.

Well created by God, his master piece
a blessing to the world.

Well selected yet my imperfections are my best qualities.

My experiences and growth in life
are forever developing.

Through moments of doubt leading to peaks
and climaxes of shame toward my down falls…

A true work in progress
… you are… embrace it.

Late night thoughts: Peace By Danielle Sweeting

Our heat beats the same rhythm
we bleed the same
yet our DNA makes the difference.

Being the human population created
by God. He has given us a divine right
to act, feel, and believe…
differently from each other.

We are different from one another yet
as humans our flesh is bound to this earth.

Driving use to make hard decisions and second guess
our choices.

We sit and judge each other mocking one another.
we put each other down and abuse each other.

When we should join hands and up lift each other
speak blessings on our lives, and pray for one another.

And while we are joined in harmony and peace
we shall remember we are individuals on earth and
equals in heaven.

God is our only judge it is He who destroys
both body and soul.