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Valencia Resources

Many students find that there are resources in Valencia College that have gone unheard of.

Within these resources is the Academic Success Center. Located downstairs at building 4, the ASC has over twenty rooms which offer aid for every single Valencia student. The writing center, math center, group study rooms, computers, calculators, printers and tutoring are available.

Communications center/ writing center: With the writing center, students are able to turn in their essays, reports, short answer assignments, etc. for a review. The writing center will look over the piece of writing, and will correct and proof read the paper. Other help they provide is for speech production, computer software and class labs. VID, print card, typed paper and knowing the course name and number and the name of the instructor. are required in order to proceed with the session. Writing consultations are by appointment and walk-in for developmental reading and writing students through

Math center: The math center offers help with, yes, you got it, math. From college algebra, to intermediate algebra, students who once took these courses or excelled at them, tutor and help with any home works and lessons. They not only provide face to face tutoring, but also online. Besides tutoring, they are specialized to work with students to practice and pass the math PERT test. Calculator check outs are also available for a four hour time period.


  • Math workshops schedule located in Math Center main desk
  • Hands on help with homework, tests, and practice
  • Calculator check outs

Group study rooms: These rooms can be “checked out” for any students that may want to study with other individuals. It can be used for as long as needed, unless there are other requests coinciding.

Computers: Just as the upstairs library, there are computers in the ASC that provide the service of printing. Although some computers are reserved for tutoring only, there are over fifty desktops.

Sign language tutoring: This serves as an aid for anyone pursuing to learn sign language fluently.

Foreign language tutoring: This service is offered to students taking a Spanish, French or German language class. Through here, students may be given help in any of the previously mentioned languages.

Other resources not many Valencia students are aware of:

  • Free Microsoft 2013 software: located in your Valencia outlook email.
  • Pookie’s pantry: Located in building 5 in the student development office, students are allowed to collect five items by simply showing their VID and current student detail schedule.
  • My career planner: in personal atlas account, under My Life Map. Students take free tests which will allow them to choose which careers relate best to their personalities, values, passions, drives and interests.
  • Academic refresher: during the beginning of the freshman semester of college, the ASC offers a refresher in academics overall, to prepare for the upcoming courses and tweak areas of acdemic weakness.

For more information about the Academic Success Center in Building 4 downstairs go to:


E.L.I.T.E Bake Sale

At Osceola Campus we have the mentoring program called E. L. I. T. E. which stands for Everyone Leads in This Environment. They concentrate on being role models for other students while helping each other as a close-knit, like-minded group of peers to rise to the top. On Wednesday and Thursday, November 12th-13th from 12 pm- 3 pm, they held a bake sale as a way to fund raise money to support their program. At the same time they brought a smile to people’s faces as they sold homemade and donated sweets at economic prices so that everyone cold enjoy the treats, cheering up their day. They offered a variety of desserts from American brownies and cornbread to Hispanic flan and tres-leches cake, of which I couldn’t help devouring some. Personally, I had lovely conversations with a couple of the customers as I hung out with them and advertised E.L.I.T.E.’s kiosk as a sort of cheerleader. There was a sense of home and friendliness surrounding them, it was a fun event, and a nice way to spend the afternoon.



Big Hero 6

Disney’s latest animated film Big Hero 6 has been an ultimate hit. At the moment, it is the #1 movie in America and has earned $56.2 Million. Set in the streets of San Fransokyo, a futuristic mix between San Francisco and Tokyo, this story is about 14-year old, robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and his best friend Baymax, the health care robot. Encouraged by his brother, Tadashi, to join the nerd lab, Hiro enters a competition to see who can create the most innovative robot and get a place in the college, no matter the age. As a result, a disaster happens and a villain arises. Hiro must now catch the villain with the help of his friends Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and of course Baymax. Using his brilliant brain and skill, Hiro upgrades the whole team and takes them along for the ride of a life-time. This movie holds so much more than I am able to tell without being a spoiler. Big Hero 6 is action packed, fast paced, hilarious, adorable, and at times very emotional and heartwarming. I loved every second of it and know everyone else will too.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

The Orlando Shakespeare Theater is an outstanding stage for amazing performances. On October 4th, I had the privilege of attending the first event of its 26th Season, Les Miserables. This musical was the best I have ever seen and it truly touched my heart in ways that no other performance has. The cast had so much chemistry with Michael Hunsaker as Jean Valjean and Davis Gaines as Javert. Some of the actors were even sponsored to be brought in from different parts of the world. Although simple the production held an intimate setting and transported the audience to revolutionary France. “After you’ve seen this, you will be ruined for any other set up of Les Miserables” said an anonymous expert that I interacted with at the theater. Her friend, also an expert that had seen the same musical in London, commented that, “this is a once in a life time experience; we will never again experience such an emotive act with such unique and young talent in the same room ever again.” I agreed with every word. Of course, most people know the plot of Les Miserables, whether it be from the movie or other performances, but to see it play out before your eyes in such a close and personal environment is an indescribable feeling. I must admit that when the scene of Eponine’s death ended I had a steady stream of tears flowing from my eyes. I know that Humanities courses require students to attend two or more events a term, so I strongly recommend to make this one of your events in order to really get something out of the experience. Performing Arts enthusiasts definitely have to make a point to assist an Orlando Shakespeare Theater event because disappointment will not be felt. As for those who aren’t into the arts, they should really consider making this their first because it will probably change their opinion forever.

Future events include…

A Christmas Carol (December 3 – 28, 2014)

By Jim Helsinger | Based on the novel by Charles Dickens

To Kill a Mockingbird (January 21 – March 8, 2015)

Adapted by Christopher Sergel | Based on the novel by Harper Lee

The Merry Wives of Windsor (February 4 – March 7, 2015)

By William Shakespeare

Henry V (February 18 – March 22, 2015)

By William Shakespeare

Bad Dog (April 8 – May 3, 2015)

By Jennifer Hoppe-House



Sleep is the Key to Better Grades!

Every college student has stayed up all night to cram for an exam, or has pulled of an all-nighter to finish an essay, at least once. But when students depend on those late nights it ends up affecting their grades and overall health.

Research recommends college students to get at least 9 hours of sleep each night. But in reality students are only getting about 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep affects a students concentration, memory, and can lead to an increase in anxiety and irritability.

So the key to retaining more information, focusing in class, and becoming more alert is creating a better sleeping schedule, and here’s how:

1) Time Management- Schedule time to complete your assignments.

2) Relax- It makes it more difficult to sleep when students have a lot on their mind.

3) Exercise- Staying active for 20 to 30 minutes enhances deep sleep.

4) Avoid Long Naps- Naps should only last for 30 minutes, anything longer interferes with a good night sleep

         So the next time you are planning on puling an all-nighter, remember that sleep is one of the most important factors to getting a better education!

Who rule the world

A wife, A mother, A cook, secretary, home designer, party planner etc. the many hate that women wear that go unseen.

Opera Winfery, Martha Stewart, Sasha Fierce, and Mya  Angelou.

I am all these women.

A counselor , A provider, women of faith,and joy.

I am Superwomen.. Are you?

For all the women whom have given birth you are strong.

All the women, that have stood up to rapist and abusers you are fighters.

All the women that go for what they want out of life you are determination in it self.

As for every women that has had a dream, a goal, a mission you will achieve it.

Women of the world please rise and take your place as ruler of the world.


Our own story, Our own life style, we have all  walked different roads and seen things that can not be unseen.

How can you possibly understand me, my life style, my thoughts, morals and ideas.

How can you understand, if you are not me and I am not you. How can we relate to each other… our paths are just two different.

The truth is I don’t have to be and you do not have to be me. There is no one struggle greater than the other nor no one achievement more significant.

Struggle, achievement , and success is all determined by its beholder our path can only be walked by us alone.

At the end of the day our path is what separates us from one another; however, our hears beat the same and we all bleed the same. We are human all of us.

We are a race that should embrace not just each other but every moment, memory, and every second that we can come together and grow as a human race.

Growth, development, advancement, movement , and change are all words that describes us as humans.


The Power of Social Media

We all use social networks to interact with our friends and family, but did we ever think that could lead to fame?

Just two weeks ago one tweet made a huge difference for 16-year-old, Alex Lee.

This ordinary teen became an overnight sensation when a girl tweeted a photo of him, with the #AlexFromTarget, that became viral in a matter of minutes!

Since then Alex went from 144 twitter followers to 737,000 followers. He has also appeared on Ellen Degeneres and has turned down appearance requests from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” E! News, and more.

#AlexFromTarget is exactly what the hashtag implies, a teenage boy named Alex who works at target and out of no where became every teenage girls dream.

Alex is not the only one who became nationally known over social media. For example Vine star, Nash Grier became a social media icon for his 6 second videos.

So lets face it, social media is apart of our culture. As long as you catch the attention of the right audience (like teenage girls), just one tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram selfie can become an online uproar!

Tis The Season to be Giving

“We make a living by what we get,


we make a life by what we give”

Tips for giving this Holiday Season:

  • Follow your philanthropic passions
  • Ensure the charity is efficient, ethical and effective
  • Recognize that 100% of your gift cannot go toward the charity’s programs
  • Share your intentions and make a commitment
  • Follow your investment

List of places to volunteer:


Interview Like a Pro Workshop

On November 13, 2014, the Interview Like a Pro Workshop was held on Valencia College’s East Campus. The speaker of the workshop happened to be one of the ladies that worked in the Career Center. The lady started off the workshop by asking us questions related to what we believe should happen in the process of going for an interview and presenting the Powerpoint she made for us. The presentation began with what you should do before an interview and continued with what you should do during and after an interview.

Before an interview, you should:
Research the company
Research the employer and the company’s mission
Research the job description
Practice interviewing
Prepare a resume
Get business, formal appropriate clothes such as women’s attire (blazers, stocking, heels, dressy blouses, a pantsuit, or slacks, and men’s attire (dress shirt, dress shoes, slacks, matching socks, or a suit)
Practice manners
Look into internships, volunteering, and other opportunities to gain job experience

During an interview, you should:
Don’t wear too much fragrance
Look clean cut and professional with business attire
Greet the employer
Thank the employer for their time at the beginning and at the end of the interview
Make small talk (No personal questions)
Shake hands with the employer if they extend their hand to you and remember if that is the case, extend your hand to them at the end of the interview
Make eye contact
Have manners
Ask questions (No questions related to pay)
Mention your strengths that are related to the job
Don’t share too much personal information
Have a positive mindset/good attitude
Be willing to learn more

After the interview, you should:
Follow up with a thank you email

She mentioned all of these things during the Powerpoint presentation and gave us a sheet talking about a service that Valencia College offers online called “The Perfect Interview”. The website gives you a practice interview through either webcam or through typing. You say or type your answers to the interview questions and the coach and another person guide you through how to answer the questions if you encounter them in an interview. After the presentation, we were given a sheet that talks about what the Career Center is and what it does as well as Online Career Tools. The Career Center offers Career Assessments, their own library, their own computer lab, Resume Writing assistance, Interviewing Skills, Job Hunting Techniques, and College Transfer Information.

The Online Career Tools listed on the paper include:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook –
O*Net OnLine –
Florida CHOICES Planner –
Vocational Biographies –
What Can I Do with This Major? University of Tennessee research –
What Can I Do with This Major? University of North Carolina, Wilmington –
Peterson’s –
Florida Virtual Campus –
Perfect Interview –

Overall, I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in finding a job now or later in the future. The Career Center would definitely be useful to go about the process in finding a job and the advice given to us in how to go about the whole interview process is really enlightening. The Interview Like a Pro workshop definitely teaches you step-by-step how to go about the interview process before, during, and after to make sure you have a successful interview to land the job you are searching for.