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Video Game Violence: The History that Began it all

On March 12th, another segment was added to the God of War video game series. As a prequel to many of the other games of the series, many anticipated the return of the great Kratos, the God-Slayer. Even more anticipated was what the game had to offer: fantastic back-story, online game play, and (of course) extreme violence. God of War (GoW) has always been a brutal game, ever since gamers first gouged out eyes from Hydras just to retrieve a key in the first installment.
However, as years have gone by, each GoW game has upped the ante; the violence has become the most brutal it has ever been. Fans have always enjoyed watching this vengeful Spartan take and destroy thousands of Greek myths with a slash of his Blades of Chaos. However, the new kills available in God of War: Ascension, are far more brutal than its previous predecessors. Even the scene where Kratos ripped of the head of Helios (the Greek sun-god) in GoW 3 stands little chance to this new game. It brought an eternally controversial question to mind: when and why are video games so violent?
Well, this is a possible theory. The origins of humans (scientific or religious) all share one thing in common: our ancestors all began as nomads. Before domestication ancient humans roamed around with their meals. While roaming, it is entirely possible for the nomads to meet another tribe of humans. Nomads only knew three things: eat, mate, and fight. Nomads had to fight against one another to survive the harsh world our planet once was.
As ages passed on, violence became a dominant trait for humans. Sparta was a Greek city made of soldiers and an almost undefeatable army. Romans, a normally cultured people, created the Coliseum to watch violent battles for entertainment. Assassination, piracy, war; humans have a tendency to have violence in their lives.
Of course, humans have become more civilized as time continued to flow. Laws and regulation flooded human society, hoping to quell the violent natures that have followed us for centuries. Humans are still violent today. Murder and other crimes are still a very real concept. Luckily, the law is quickly dispatched and eliminates the threat with little collateral damage. However, as Alan Grant (Sam Neill) once said in Jurassic Park, “You can’t quell 65 million years of gut instinct.”
So what are humans to do? What could they use as an outlet for violent behaviors? The answer revealed itself through the game that started the ESRB rating system: Mortal Kombat. This game started the rating system when arcade players became obsessed with the fatalities they could perform in the game. However, thousands actually had issues with the game and tried to ban it permanently. Eventually, the rating system would be created so that games such as Mortal Kombat could be filtered and slowly fade into history.
Just the opposite happened in the end. Since then, many other games have come out with violent concepts (although nowhere near the concept) of Mortal Kombat. And, just like Mortal Kombat, violent video games have become one of gaming’s most prominent genres. Not only in gaming, but action movies, horrors, and even comedies (only miniscule in the last category), violence has begun to appear everywhere. Why would people create more violent things when they once wanted to remove them all together? The answer is very simple: they enjoy the violence. Whether it be an all-out gun fight or a simple fist breaking a nose, humans love to watch a violent scene occur.
Violence occurs everywhere. People don’t know why, but it is the truth. And violence has become popular. However, the times and laws have changed, making people seek out indirect methods for violence. Movies and games have filled that spot. In no way do I say that violence has benefited humanity. However, while it is true that there are humans that cannot even stand violence at all, it does not change the fact that human history has been largely written due to the violence nature of our ancestors.


My Relationship with me Workshop Review by Danielle Sweeting

It was just last week I attended the ” My relationship with me” workshop it was very insightful especially in this stage of my development in life. I learned the importance of loving, respecting and caring for my self.When you reach a level where you are trying to discover yourself life might seem to be throwing you so many curves. You may even begin to doubt  your loving relationship that you have with yourself and that’s one relationship that should be priority number one in your life; because how can you love others when you do not even value yourself.

I also learned that sometimes we see ourselves in a negative way because of label that others have placed on us and the labels that stick the most are those that have been given to us by family or friends which have the potential to destroy. Many may say its because your parents were taught by their parents to spew hurtful things; which is exactly how it was in my life. The instructor of this workshop shined light on that feeling when he said ” sometime people have mental disabilities that make them hurt others…now would you be mad if your mother was blind and did not say you were beautiful… or would be angry if your father was deaf and did not listen to you..”. In other words he meant that some people hurt others because they have been hurt and have yet to deal with the pain; and as a person who has a love for self we should forgive those who hurt us because they are mentally blind. It is so important to value yourself especially in a world filled with hardships.

What I learned about Antioxidants By Danielle Sweeting

Antioxidant the new health craze according to “Student Health 101: Antioxidants”. When it comes to a diet enriched with antioxidants you are protecting yourself from harmful free radicals. Free radicals can damage your cell which is why having antioxidants in your diet is very helpful. Antioxidants can protect you from diseases such as cancer and the flu, it can even help with environmental exposer as well.

The best way to collect these antioxidants is through a diet that is high in antioxidant food such as nuts, berries, and fruits. Antioxidants can also be found in supplement for which includes vitamin C and vitamin E also including lycopene and beta-carotene.

I always knew that antioxidants was a valuable part of a healthy diet but I never knew that the best way to consume antioxidants was threw foods. I always try to implement antioxidants in my food mainly by cooking with herbs. However, going forward I may try incorporating fruits, vegetables and berries in my diet to achieve consumption that is high in antioxidants. A high antioxidant diet is needed in my life especially being a busy college student with two jobs working out is not always and option. So by applying a better diet to my life it gives me the opportunity to up hold the life style I am living at the moment.

How will you apply Antioxidants to your life ? It’s time to get healthy!

Protection (Poetry) By Danielle Sweeting

My heart beats uncontrollably
The thumps…thump…THUMP…
It is so loud it almost scares me, and to hear
yours beat the same as mine…

I feel the heat of our body colliding in such a powerful
way. The temperature rising rapidly reaching its peak of 150 degrees
As we lay holding each other, I in your arms and you in mine.
The passion, intensity, the love, and the energy
flowing between our two bodies like a raging water fall a feeling
I will never forget.

As chills run up my spin…as your soft lips kiss mine
I can feel the sweat rolling down our bodies like morning dew
Our human bodies locked together intertwined; our souls set forth on a journey
into another world yet undiscovered.

WAIT…PAUSE… STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mind shouts NO FURTHER… Protection is a MUST.

Today 1 million are living with HIV in
the U.S alone.
1 in 5 living with HIV is unaware.
This is an epidemic; protection is a must.

Who am I (Poetry) By Danielle Sweeting


Who am I
but a woman in search of a fairytale

Who am I
determination, beauty, and brains

Who am I
scared yet brave and strong yet weak

Who am I
a child trying to grow
into an independent woman and staying true to
my values while having courage to live and not letting others define me
What defines me? Who am I? Who could I become?

School vs. Job? Late night thoughts By Danielle Sweeting

In a world ran by powerful political figures and little money for those who are not  in charge trying to find a balance between school and work can be a challenge. Balancing work, school , family and friends is not easy task. Young people seem to want to do so much with their lives, and God has blessed us with time on this earth to do so, but we may not be taking full advantage of the time that we have been given. Time should not be wasted, young people must take advantage of every opportunity put before them if they want to reach their goals. Finding that middle ground is a part of knowing what you want in life so think of these tips:

1) Figure out what’s important school or work.
2) Always schedule rest time… you are not a superhero!
3) What ever you chose (work or school) give it your best and be great.
4) Live for you not for the people around you
5)Stay spiritually connected and have faith.

Signing off…

REGAL Volunteering @ Christian Sharing Center

The Ladies of R.E.G.A.L. join together to volunteer with the Christian Sharing Center February 23, 2012. They spent their Saturday working in the food pantry warehouse and separating goods from their Thrift Store. The Christian Sharing Center has helped hungry, homeless and at-risk people of Seminole County with food and clothing, and costs of mortgage or rent, utilities, transportation and medical expenses since 1986.
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Knowing Your True Value

The ladies of R.E.G.A.L. self-reflect on what it means to be a woman in the 21st century with Rollins College guest speaker Dr. Eric Smaw.
On March 1st, 2013 the lovely ladies of R.E.G.A.L. (Remarkably Elegant Gifted and Ambitious Ladies) where visited by Rollins professor of philosophy and law, Dr. Eric Smaw. Dr. Smaw started his presentation going around the room and asking the ladies to describe themselves. It was verywarming to take notice of positive connotations the ladies described themselves in. One of the ladies described herself as “smart and cute” while another said she was “funny and ambitious”. However it was very interesting when Dr. Smaw asked the women to describe how other people might categorize women in general, specifically minority women. With this question,a different response came about. One of the members of R.E.G.A.L. explained that African American women are often times called “obnoxious and angry”. Another member explained how Latina women are often described as being loud and feisty.
Other terms started circulate; one in particular seemed to catch Dr. Smaw off guard since he was unfamiliar with the term “ratchet”. He couldn’t seem to stop laughing at the sound of it, but it ended up resulting into another serious conversation about the role of pop and hip-hop music in defining perceptions of women.
Essentially, Dr. Smaw demonstrated how women typically will describe themselves in positive connotations, while the media typically showcases negative stereotypicalcaricatures of women. Nicki Minaj and Snookie were media examples that came up in the discussion. His driving message to the ladies was for them to become aware of the opinions and perceptions the world may have against them. This awareness can make a person cognizant of the things they may need to change or modify to progress in the professional world. Good examples of this came out when Dr. Smaw provided business etiquette tips. For example, Dr. Smaw explained the appropriate suit colors, shoes, and hair styles that are fit in higher corporate positions. He also went over some unfamiliarcorporate cultural tendencies that are not typically common to everyone, such as the proper way to greet someone with higher status.
The lecture went so well, that Dr. Smawis considering coming back for another segment of this interesting topic. All of the members of R.E.G.A.L. were appreciative of Dr. Smaw’s presentation and look forward to his follow up lecture.

R.E.G.A.L (Remarkably. Elegant. Gifted. Ambitious. Ladies)

Original story by Andrea Bealler

R.E.G.A.L had the pleasure of attending a workshop hosted by Andrea Bealler, who focused on “Professional Etiquette and Resumes Tips.” With the use many of activities, Bealler explained that professional settings often have different cultures, making it imperative that you do research before accepting a job offer. For example some companies are interested with their employee’s personal lives, while others are not. It is important to understand your values, wants, and needs before you choose to work for a company. Bealler continued to explain that during the interview process it is vital to pay attention to the questions that you are asked, as well as how the interviewer communicates with you. Overall, Bealler instructs that it is important to grasp the culture of any company before making any life changing decisions. As the workshop continued the ladies were taught step by step how to correctly create a resume and a cover letter for potential jobs and careers. The ladies were taught how to properly construct and organize a resume making it appealing to a potential employer’s eye. “I found the workshop to be very informative and helpful, I learned a great deal about resume building that I did not know before” says 2nd year R.E.G.A.L member Jenifer Hamilton. Essentially, R.E.G.A.L thanks Andrea Bealler for her time and wonderful expertise. If you have any questions regarding career choices or need any help with writing a resume or cover letter, feel free to stop by Career Center, they have plenty of knowledgeable information that maybe beneficial to your career.
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