Should you Choose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?- By Kyle Melendez


Both of these phones have brought one major question to consumers. Should buy should I buy the plus or the 6?

I personally bought the 6 plus and upgraded from a regular iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 is great option and is a great upgrade from any older model, however getting the plus and the regular size vary’s in experience.

I love the 6 Plus due to it being perfect size to watch videos, Take videos and pictures ( since it has a better quality camera) and the battery life is improved insanely compared to my last phone. Unlike my old phone this battery lasts me the whole day and part of another one with heavy use.

iPhone 6 I determine though is better in terms of being a phone. Overall the size of the 6 is slightly larger than that of the 5 and 5s and is just big enough to see the screen better and not be to big as to fit in one hands. Essentially it’s a perfect fit in terms of phone.

When I make calls on my 6 Plus I often had to put it close to my ear to hear anything. Even then I honestly feel like it is just a little harder to talk on the phone. While using my friends 6, I was able to hear everything clearly.

In my honest opinion they are both great phones but if you are actually looking for a phone, I would go for an iPhone 6. It’s just the perfect comfortable size between a 5 and a 6 plus.

If you are looking more of a dual type device I would recommend the Plus it’s a great device with a better camera and is the perfect mix between an iPhone and a iPad.