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Leaving high school and entering in to the real world it seems as though life has tooken off full speed ahead. Everything has changes now you deal with work, college life, and personal life we as young adults seem to be in search for independance more than ever. In our search for independance we all seem to run into the same road block, a cross road where we are split between making money to feel independant and staying focused on college so that later on we have our independance. The oppurtunity has presented its self to you school is your priority  your key to great future. Jobs come and go but education is for ever setting yourself up for a degree  so you can make more money working less hours might seem like a difficult task now but in four year it will be the best choice you will ever make. So STOP, REFLECT, ACT handle the important stuff which is your future. Take care of your assignments in class, study, be on time for class , do your volunteer , go to the workshops ……. HANDLE YOUR BUISNESS!

P.S.     No matter how hard or bad things may seem  perciver never give up.

sign- danielle sweeting


College Night October 11,2012 By Bria Brown

West campus recently hosted College Night to the community once again. There were over 100+ colleges there speaking with high school student they even spoke with current students about their choices after they have finished their two years at Valencia. Some of the different colleges that were represented were Morehouse, University of Florida, Florida State University, Mercer University, University of Tampa, University of South Florida are a some of the schools that were in attendance. It was very informal and it was not just colleges there we had representation from Valencia College. The Bridges to Success department was there giving out valuable information to current highschool seniors about the program. I honestly recommend that if you did not attend this event that you attend next year. It worthwhile and holds very great information.

Spirit Day 2012

Everyone loves a good time every once in awhile, and here at Valencia College, they know that! Thursday, Oct. 18, was Spirit Day, held in front of the SSB Building on West Campus. It was “organized by Valencia Volunteers and SGA, for students to come out and enjoy themselves,” says Samantha Lundy, a volunteer who informed me. This event had a lot of booths, in which a large amount were similar to carnival games, like tossing bags to hit objects, throwing balls into holes, and even a petting zoo! Of course there was also free food, tattoo paintings, and balloon animals! When asked about what their favorite booth was, students replied with much enthusiasm, the petting zoo. “My favorite booth has to be the petting zoo. It was really nice to see something different on campus!” said Student Bethzaida Oyola. “I really enjoy any event that would let me pet a goat!” said Timothy, another student. A large amount of students showed up, and it seems like another successful day. When asking another student about how she felt about going to another event, Peyton Davis says, “Of course I’d like to see another event, it’s free!” Keep a fresh look out for future events, and opportunities to kick back and relax during campus hours.

The Walking Dead Season 3 (Spoilers)

(May contain spoilers for those who haven’t been keeping up with the episodes)

Close to ten months have passed since that fateful day.  The day where Rick Grimes killed his best friend and the farm was overrun by zombies.  It has been close to 10 months since Rick became the dictator, in order to save everyone.

‘The Walking Dead’ season three started back up on October 14th, 2012.  So much has changed throughout the series that any true fan will love.  For starters (and clearly obvious), close to ten months have passed ever since Rick’s group started to have major problems.  At the end of last season Rick had told everyone what he had learned when they all went to the CDC-every single one of them carried the zombie virus.  Rick had kept it hidden to protect the group, and partially to deny it himself.  However, once his ex-best friend Shane pushed him too far, Rick discovered first-hand that Dr. Jenner had been telling the truth: they all carried the virus.  Once everyone discovers the truth, some of them suggest abandoning the group, no longer trusting in Rick’s judgments.  This caused Rick to snap and confess to killing his friend in order to protect the group.  He continues to mock them, saying that they wouldn’t last out there with him.  At the end of last season’s finale, he said ‘this isn’t a democracy anymore.’  Thus, the ‘Rick-tatorship’ had begun.

Ten months later, the group has survived a winter.  Everyone has become a strong, single unit that can take down anything in their paths.  However, they are still outnumbered.  During the winter, the group survived by fighting as little as possible while keeping on the move.  What little resources they could scavenge, they have saved and used effectively.  So far, the ‘Rick-tatorship’ has succeeded.  However, as seen through the first 5 minutes of Season 3, Episode 1, no one dares talk when Rick is moving.  This shows that the trust they once had has now diminished to a basic necessity to follow him.

Many of the characters had also changed.  Lori, Rick’s wife, is now at the end of her pregnancy, and the group is trying to find a safe place for her to give birth.  Carl, Rick’s son, has finally become a part of the group’s fight and can now hold his own against the zombies called ‘Walkers.’  Daryl has stayed by Rick’s side as his unofficial ‘enforcer.’  Hershel, the owner of the farm that was destroyed, has now grown a beard, and the weight of all the things that have happened has finally taken their toll on his elderly body.

Rick has changed the most, compared to everyone else in the group.  At the beginning of the series, Rick was new to the zombie apocalypse.  He quickly adapted and learned what he must do to survive.  However, whenever he had confronted another survivor, Rick had always tried to compromise with them; hopefully letting everyone walk away unharmed.  During season 2, Rick killed two survivors as self-defense.  At the climax of the season, it was either him or his best friend who would survive the tension that had broken out between the two of them.  Rick was the victor, but something snapped inside of him.

Rick no longer tries to be the nice guy, whether it is with other survivors, or even some members of his own group.  He has now grown distant towards his wife, and is purposefully trying to become distant to everyone else.

At one scene, Carol-a survivor of Rick’s group-calls Rick a ‘mini-Shane.’  For those who are still new to the series, Shane was once Rick’s best friend, who later slept with his wife, and slowly became a monster that wanted Rick dead.  This comment reveals how much Rick has changed.  However, Rick still shows compassion to his group.  He will stop at nothing, and I literally mean nothing, to save every single one of them; even if he becomes a monster himself.  Rick has also proven that compromise means very little to him now.  I will not go into extreme detail, but Rick proves in the second episode that he will not let anyone be a threat to his group or to himself.  It is either leave them alone, or die.

After patrolling, Rick and Daryl find a prison.  After discussing it with the group, they try to take the giant fortress for themselves.  They succeed and take the Yard with ease.  At night they rest and enjoy a peaceful time around a campfire.  Meanwhile, Rick is patrolling and moving away from the group.  He finally rejoins them and tells them that they will be taking the inside of the prison the next morning.  Lori tries to talk to him, but he just brushes her away now.  Once they finally reach the inside, all Hell starts to break loose once again.

As Rick continues to take more of the prison, trouble starts brewing.  Will Rick’s group make it through another season, or will Rick be gunned down by a member of his own group?  With tension high and haunting blasts from the past reemerging, how far will Rick go in order to protect everyone?  Or will they be consumed by the undead that walk among them?  All I know for sure is that the adventure is far from over…

Communication is Key By: Kiara Collazo

After the long night talks and flirtatious texting, a relationship starts to build. You may become nervous or scared because you don’t know what to expect out of the relationship. Instead of pulling away or avoiding your partner, talk to that person. Tell them what’s up, what you feel, what makes you feel that way. If the person really cares about you, they will work with you, they will reassure you on the things you are worried about. Communicate with your partner even if you think you might hurt their feelings because maybe what scares you is them! It’s also better to talk to them face to face even though I know you are probably like “Yeah right”. But if you really can’t talk to them face to face, then call but do not text! Reading a message, you might read it a certain way. Texting becomes too complicated when expressing feelings even though most of the human population does it anyway. But forget how to tell the person, just concentrate on telling them so that way you can be on the same page about your feelings and how you want to take the relationship. Expressing yourself can also help you define the kind of person you are and if you are ready to be in a relationship or if you just want to have fun. Communication is key! Don’t hold back one word if it means something will change.

Resident Evil 6 Video Game Review

Resident Evil 6 is the newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, one of Capcom’s popular titles. Whether you’re a fan of the old school games, or even just a brand new fan, it’s always welcoming to start somewhere.   Resident Evil 6 starts off playing as one of the main protagonists of the game, Leon S. Kennedy. Once done with the prelude, you have the option of starting one of the three protagonists of the game, Leon, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller,  each with their own partner, Helena Harper for Leon, Piers Nivans for Chris, and Sherry Birkin for Jake.  The game has roughly 3 stories, where they eventually come together with each other’s story. There is a main Campaign mode, a Mercenaries mode, and a mode called Agent Hunt.  Let’s go over the game itself.  The campaign mode for the most part is co-op, where you can either play it with split-screen with a friend, or co-op online with a random person, over a matchmaking process, or a friend. There is a somewhat small change between gameplay from Resident Evil 4 and 5, to 6, in which it really changes the game completely.  For starters, in RE 4 and 5, there were quick time events (moments where you needed to press a button on-screen) to do melee attacks at stunned or injured enemies. Although it still exists during some situations for RE 6, there is actually a button for melee this time. As a gamer, I found this to be a good thing, and a bad thing.  When you’re low on ammo for your gun, or in a tight situation, you can just melee an enemy. This is bad because for the most part, you can go through the entire game just meleeing, regardless how impractical that sounds. Now, there is a catch, with continuous melee attacks, your character loses stamina, and when exhausted, melee attacks are useless and you are unable to sprint.  Leading to another point, there is an elaborate sprinting system in RE 6. Along with being able to sprint, the developers gave characters a handful of ways to maneuver out of danger, like barrel rolls, sliding into enemies, diving backwards, and rolling/crawling around on each characters back. Another change to the game, is the healing system.  By using combinations of Health Sprays (First Aid Sprays)  or Herbs, (green and red, combined respectively), but with the herbs, you combined them, to makes multiple doses, in which you make tablets, so you use a single dose to heal a block of health when used. While at first a bit confusing, this definitely became helpful when needing to ration heal, rather than just using an entire healing item.  My favorite aspect of the game is the variety of each campaign. For example, Leon’s campaign has a good amount of keeping to the generic zombies. Chris’s story has a large amount of insane zombie mutations, called B.O.W.s, (Bio Organic Weapons) which take multiple forms. Jake’s Story takes similar B.O.W.s, and makes it a bit more dramatic, taking the scenery to more detailed areas.  All in all, the stories do a good job connecting together, where the characters are seen in each other’s story. When you finish each character’s story, you unlock another character’s story mode, who I won’t discuss about, Smiley face. 😉   For the most part, the gameplay has taken small changes everywhere, that makes a large difference for the game. The game becomes more fast pace, while keeping it still time consuming, as each level can take around 30 minutes to an hour, and still keep you wanting more. Logging hours upon hours on previous Resident Evil games, I only expect to play more hours on Resident Evil 6. I give this game 4 red herbs out of 5, definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a bit of horror in their games.

‘Tis the Season By Jasmin M.

With the cold weather arising around the corner

most females have started to partake in early sweater and scarf shopping

Although you can never go wrong with fuzzy sweaters and embodied scarfs

I don’t recommend charging up a storm

The basics for this fall are quite simple

And you already own the majority of what I’m about to show you

Over sized sweaters and any type of boots go great with jeans or black leggings

When coordinating your outfits try to include a single pop of color

& Don’t forget your scarf!

The basics never go out of style

Dishonored Review: By Roberto Gonzalez

A plague has filled the fair city of Dunwall.  As the bodyguard of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, it was Corvo Attano’s sole mission to keep her safe.  Fate had another path carved out for him.  Empress Jessamine sent Corvo away to find a cure for the plague.  Two months later, they are reunited.  However, their happy moment is cut short when assassins appear.  They kill the Empress and kidnap her daughter right before Corvo’s eyes, leaving the once great bodyguard to take the blame.  Six months later, Corvo escapes from prison and joins a rebellion to both save the empire and enact revenge on those who locked him.  With an arsenal of both technological and supernatural skills at his disposal, he is prepared to change the city that once betrayed him, for better or worse; one victim at a time.

Dishonored is the first 2012 title from Arkane Studios, and published by Bethesda Softworks.  Thanks to the latter, many of Bethesda’s common traits are seen throughout the game.  Many people who have played the game have all admitted that it felt like they were playing a combination of two or three other games.  For myself, I felt the game had been a fusion of three legendary titles: Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, and Skyrim.

This game carries the graphic designs (areas and characters) of Skyrim.  Corvo plays as a supernatural assassin, so it seems obvious how Assassin’s Creed could have been an inspirational piece when designing the game.  How it relates to Bioshock is the most interesting part: the power system.  In Bioshock, you altered your genetic code with ‘Plasmids.’  In order to advance the player’s plasmids or gain physical enhancements, they must find and gather ‘Adam,’ the power source of the plasmids and the city of Rapture itself.  In Dishonored, the player is given his/her powers by a legendary figure in the Dishonored universe: the Outsider.  To upgrade powers or get enhancements, the player must gather Runes.  The chaos system in the game is also similar to Bioshock’s choice system.  In Bioshock, if you do something evil, it affects which ending you receive.  In Dishonored, the player has a Chaos system.  Should the player kill a large number of people, the game will become more difficult and result with a darker ending.

That is a bonus to this game.  Although the game says that Corvo is now an assassin, the player can actually decide whether or not to kill people.  Although it is difficult, it is possible to beat the game without killing a single person.  However, if a player is trying to attempt a clean slate finish, I would strongly recommend saving multiple times, because players will definitely be reloading to try and change mistakes they made.

With supernatural powers, there is a small but exciting arsenal to choose from.  Players can advance their teleportation powers, or summon a swarm of rats to devour their enemies.  There is even a power to possess living creatures or even to stop time.  However, there is no way to obtain all the power upgrades in one play through.  I would strongly suggest that players only pick powers that benefit which type of path you take.  If you want to be a true assassin and kill everyone, Rat Swarm would be a great weapon.  Finding blueprints in levels can give players technological upgrades that are easy to get if you have the right amount of money to back it up.

All in all, Dishonored was a fantastic game that was put extremely well together.  Although there are some problems here and there, and either ending will feel anticlimactic, the game idea itself is genius and players will want to play it all over again.  On a scale of 1-10, I would definitely give this game a 9.5.  It was a great game, but it was missing something that would have brought it to gaming perfection.  Perhaps they will touch up on it if they make a possible sequel?  Who’s to say; there is only one Corvo Attano in the world of games.  There is only one question left: which path will you make him walk?

Valencia College Night (Osceola Campus)

Today October 9,2012 was Valencia College Night at Osceola Campus. It was an eventful night with crowds of people and colleges from all over; there were colleges such as UCF, Ohio State , Monroeand many more.There was also representatives from different scholarship programs including Bridges to Success. Our volanteers at Valencia did and excellent job setting up and keeping college night running smoothly.With food,fun, games, and music I hope everyone had a good time setting tracks for a successful future.

P.S. October 11,2012 Valencia College Night at West Campus


Taken 2 Movie Review By Danielle Sweeting

“Taken 2”  released october 4th is a must see movie. The movies is a five star and two thumbs up, packed with action and suspence. A movie that both parent and child can enjoy and also good for date night. A most see movie of the month “Taken 2” go see it.

By Danielle Sweeting