Star vs. The forces of Evil!- Review – Kyle Melendez


This cartoon by Disney is the second cartoon that just makes me bust out laughing.

Back story- A Princess named Star Butterfly is sent to another dimension with a magical wand that just spells out magic and lives with a boy named normal earth boy named Marco Diaz. This is funny because they are completely opposite from each other , Star loves to beat up monsters and be dangerous. However Marco is the quiet boy who is voted most safest in school.

Together they both match for a whole thing of fun.

This series is just so random and acts a lot on impulse, the things that happen are so unexpected you just jolt out laughing. There are so many things in this are unique as well such as dimensional scissors , Princess Pony Head and puppies that shoot laser beams!

This show is great to watch and I can’t wait for more episodes to get released in the future! Overall i give it a 10/10

Here is the intro for the show! it airs on Disney XD! it’s pretty self explanatory.

Even though the series just released , it already has about 4 whole episodes.