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Short Career Editorial

Making a choice on your career is not just a choice for now, it’s for life.

Can you imagine yourself working the next twenty, thirty, forty years on what you are currently majoring on? Imagine yourself waking up in the morning. Will you be dreading the ride to work all on its own? What was the actual reason you chose the career you chose, money or happiness?

If you really desire to help people, choose a job the will help someone. Whether it’s a doctor, a policeman, the president of the United States or a teacher, if helping is something you are passionate about, why not pursue a career that will do just that? If you have a passion for art, drawing, designing, or doodling, why not pursue a career that will allow you to express yourself while making money? Sometimes it is not entirely about the fact that you will make over $70,000 a year. Sometimes, it’s just about making a career of something that won’t feel like you are waking up with a daily regret. A career should be based upon a craving or passion. As human beings, we seek happiness. Where is the happiness in a career that just gives you money, but no desire to wake up the next day? Many say that money can buy happiness. In a sense, it is true, but don’t you want to make money, buy things that make you happy, but BE happy while you make that money? Questions like these should arise in everyone’s mind. Choosing what to do with the rest of our lives is a critical, and probably the most important decision we have to make as young adults.  Many times we have questions upon what to do, but the answer is simple:

Do what will make you ecstatic to wake up the next day.

By: Carolyne Perez


Tips For Saving – College students and Young Adults by Carolyne Perez

Tips for saving money:

  • Instead of taking out a percentage of your paycheck, take out an amount so that you are consistent on your saving. Paychecks are not always a steady amount, so a percentage would not be as efficient in the long run.
  • The amount of money you save is really up to you. Analyze the way you spend: If you know you are going to spend over half of it on useless things or mostly “fun” take out a larger amount. Saving is all on you, if it’s really a big problem in your life, face it. Don’t try to cover it up or ignore the issue because it can grow and be more difficult to overcome.
  • Stay away from using your money on non-priority things. Priority spending includes bills, fees, groceries, car payments, or rent.
  • Nobody is saying not to have fun, but if you noticed at the end of the week, over 50% of your income is spent on going out, buying food, buying yourself clothes, etc. then there needs to be a change.
  • Managing your money is critical. At the moment, if you are not paying large bills such as house rent or electricity/water bills then you should arrange what you are spending and saving so that the day those bills come into play, you are prepared.
  • Think about the future. What you do now will most certainly affect the future whether it is in a small way, or a significant way. Be realistic, nobody knows you like you know yourself. Set goals and be determined to complete them.
  • Give the money to someone who is trustworthy. They can keep the money aside. Count the money and record the amount somewhere if you are still uneasy about giving out your own money. One important thing is that you absolutely, under any circumstance (unless an emergency) make sure that person does not release the money back to you.
  • As embarrassing as you may think it is, go couponing. Places such as CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and Publix are the best places to go couponing. Buy the newspaper every Sunday and keep yourself posted on sales, do the math and save lots of money. Sometimes items including toothpaste, pasta, shampoo and granola bars come out to be free. A bit of time adding numbers, goes a long way.
  • Cook at home and eat leftovers. It is much better to eat at home because the price of the ingredients totals up to less than using up gas and going out to eat at Panera or Chipotle. You can brush up on your cooking skills and at the same time, save yourself a couple of dollars at once.
  • Keep track of your spending on a budget sheet or planner. Seeing what you are spending physically is much better than planning it out on your head. It’s not just budgeting, it’s actually applying the budget and sticking to it. Writing it down will force yourself to apply your proposition.
  • Preferences aren’t always the best choice and searching for the best deals can go a long way. Publix may constantly have buy one get one free specials when in reality Wal-Mart may have that exact same product a few cents cheaper. But hey, pennies, dimes and nickels add up eventually,
  • Don’t go for brand clothing just to look good. Cheaper brands can look just as good as brand clothing, sometimes even better. Also, don’t be afraid to try a generic brand because most of the time they are the exact same product, just a less expensive version.

Cracking Car Buying

By: Colby Birkett

As college students many of us have a car or are looking to get one when we can, but it’s not easy knowing everything about picking out the right car and getting the best deal. This is a skill that will help not only those looking for a car but those who will need to learn the skill of car buying for their next transaction. Here are some tips to put you on the right track with your car buying experience.

1. Exhaust all resources: Many times searching can save hundreds or even thousands due to differences in pricing. Looking at more than one dealership will often save you money as they all price differently. As well as looking at more than one dealership using online resources such as craigslist and ebay can find cheaper options. Doing your due diligence will often save you money and make you feel better about your purchase knowing you got the deal you chose.

2. Trends, Trends, Trends: Often times a brand will have trends as far as value and reliability are concerned, do your research, it’s easy. Checking online for value of similar makes and models will tell you how well your future car will hold it’s value, many cars lose value quickly so make sure to check how much the price will drop over time. Many new cars depreciate as soon as you pull it off the lot and exponentially higher after a few years of driving, keep that in mind. Other trends are beneficial for instance Honda’s have a reputation of being long lasting reliable cars, the longer it lasts the more value you get, know how long your car will last on average.

3. Leave It To The Professionals: If you have a mechanic or car expert whose advice you trust, take the car on a test drive and have them look at it, many skilled mechanics can see problems you wouldn’t just by their prior knowledge. When accepting advice, tell of anything you think may be unusual your expert should know what it could be. If you don’t have an expert ask me.

4. Character Analysis: It may sound funny, but know whose selling you the car, someone that is not upfront about apparent issues can be hiding more. If the seller lets you know the good features of the car such as paint but excludes telling your there is rust they might be avoiding more flaws. Those who bring more flaws to attention are more likely to be trustworthy and fair.

5. Ask Questions: If something on the car doesn’t look right ask about it, see what the owner has to say, asking questions is a great way to get the truth out and understand more about your future car. Other important questions revolve around price, negotiate often asking someone what the lowest they can do cuts through your chance of being beaten on a negotiation. If you are a strong negotiator you can ask their bottom dollar and give a value of your top dollar to start a negotiation between those values, if not you cut through the negotiation with one question.

6. Last And Most Important Of All Get A Car You Like: Make sure you feel good about your purchase and get a car you will enjoy or at least appreciate. Your car is a big part of you, get a car that expresses you.

We are all original and so are our cars, hopefully this helps those of you who need a new car get the perfect car for you, happy hunting.

Ben & Jerry’s Meet n’ Greet by Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

We all know about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream right? They have some crazy ice cream flavors like Hazed & Confused, That’s My Jam, Lazy Sunday, and Chubby Hubby. These are some funny and ridiculous ice cream flavors, but what if you had your own ice cream? What ice cream flavor would you be? A few that we have heard of has been Vivacious Vanilla, Compassionate Chocolate Obsession, and Emotional Vanilla Sparkle. If you could have an ice cream flavor that would describe yourself, what would you choose?

Now how about asking others what their ice cream flavor would be. That would be a great conversation starter for sure. Conversation starters are very important and good questions to ask come in handy for interviews. It is a good skill to know great conversation starters in order to meet new people. An introduction leaves an impression on someone when they first meet you. Remember to always have a firm handshake, smile, and remember their name. Not a great impression if you forget their name.

Welcome Back Week

Welcome Back Week at Valencia College Osceola Campus was a complete success. The entire week was full of diverse events directed by the Student Government Association in order to advertise the clubs that are offered there, as well as to give back to the community. Starting off with a Club Jam on Tuesday, September 2nd, all clubs were invited to set up a booth showcasing their goal as volunteers, as a group, and encourage others to join them in their cause. For those who missed it or take night classes, there was an encore of this event on Thursday called a Night Session. In between, on Wednesday, a Resource Fair was prepared to present students with the privileges they might not have known where at their fingertips. To culminate such an informative week Valencia College hosted a Run for Heroes event, involving a 5K Marathon, in honor of 9/11 victims.

Miracle Miles Presented by Panera Bread

On Saturday September 20th, 2014 Panera Bread presented the 16th annual Miracle Miles 5k and a 15k run at Lake Eola park. The run began at 7:00 a.m. with the 5k and the 15k run started at 7:20 a.m. After the 5k and 15k runs they held a walk for the children called Walk-For-Winnie at 9:30 and then a Kids’ Fun Run at 9:45 a.m. The Kids’ Fun Run benefits the Alexander Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. After the runs/walks an Award Ceremony was held for the winners. 

Even though it was raining the entire morning the event and runners still ventured on. The poor weather was not going to stop the 4,000 dedicated runners filling up the streets of Downtown Orlando.


Photos taken and edited by: Mai Son

How to celebrate holidays on September 22.

According to, these are the national holidays on September 22:

Business Women’s Day:

Go hug a business woman.

Appreciate a businesswoman or being one.

Go into an office and give flowers to all the women in there.

Watch The Office series and laugh lots.

Car Free Day:

Dream about getting a free car.

Enter a raffle ticket in a nearby contest, in hopes that you will actually win one.

Realize that MOST LIKELY nobody in America received a free car.

Dear Diary Day:

Pull up the diary in which you wrote ten, maybe twenty years ago.

Laugh at the way you wrote and at the misconception of “you’re” and “your.”

Wonder why you never had a diary or journal as a child.

Read a Junie B. Jones book.

Buy yourself a diary just to have something written on September 22, 2014.

Elephant Appreciation Day:

Draw elephants.

Obsess over elephants.

Go to the nearest zoo.

Search up pictures of elephants on Google and make one of them your wallpaper.

Watch Youtube videos of elephants taking showers.

National Ice Cream Cone Day:

Buy some ice cream.

Eat some ice cream.

Crave more ice cream.

National White Chocolate Day:

Either love white chocolate or hate white chocolate.

Look up how white chocolate is even made.

Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And those are some ways to celebrate the September 22nd holidays. 🙂

Life As We Knew It: Book Review

In 2006, Susan Beth Pfeffer’s book, Life As We Knew It, was published. To start off with, yes, the book is about eight years old, but I do not mind reading any type of literature, whether it be from long ago or maybe last week. If a book is suggested to me, I will read it and this book happened to be of the science fiction and young adult novel genre, which I do not usually venture into for many reasons. Life As We Knew It is the first book in the Last Survivor’s Trilogy. The Last Survivor’s Trilogy goes in this order: Life As We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone, This World We Live In, and The Shade of the Moon. Life As We Knew It happens to be a really good book and even though science fiction is a genre I usually avoid, I was pushed into reading this book by a good friend of mine who doesn’t read much and I honestly do not regret that choice.
Life As We Knew It is a book that is written in the format of diary entries by a sixteen year old girl named Miranda and how her world gets ultimately turned upside down in Pennsylvania. It is set in her sophomore year of high school when a meteor crashes into the moon and makes the world take a turn for the worst in May. People start running to stores and buying out everything to survive this catastrophic disaster of the moon getting closer to the Earth, which causes worldwide tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and many deaths. Miranda goes through the struggle of living in this hard time with her brothers, Matt and Jonny, and her mom, Laura. She has to give up her luxuries of life, which include ice skating and swimming to care for the family to make it through the year. Her friends, Megan and Sammi, have some crazy adventures with her, but as time continues forward and times get tougher, Sammi leaves and Megan sacrifices herself to God. Mrs. Nesbitt was a close friend to the family, but after living through the hard times and old age, she sacrificed herself to give her supplies to the family and Peter who was Laura’s boyfriend, ultimately died of the flu after working in the hospital for so long and trying to help everyone’s family. Miranda and her family make use of what they have, having long journeys for supplies and becoming appreciative of all the things they have and how they were surviving. They went through ups and downs of living, including gathering supplies, trying to keep warm for the winter, trying to stay healthy, and making sure their loved ones were alive such as Hal, who happens to be Miranda, Jonny, and Matt’s father and his new expecting wife, Lisa. As a family, they all learned to grow up and stay strong through such hard times, whether they die or manage to stay alive.
The theme of the book is to ultimately have hope, no matter what situation you get thrown into. Life As We Knew It gives readers a true glimpse of life in trying times to make us appreciate what we have by showing how Miranda and her family ultimately go through the year to try to make it alive. I would suggest this book for anyone to read because it makes you value what you have and think about what would you do if you had to go through a hard time like that with your family.
Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

When readers pick up a book to read the first thing they do is judge the book by the cover then afterwards they read the summary ,which is given either inside or outside of the book. Well here is some information about the series Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, but before we get started let me inform you there are six books  that needs to  be read in order to fall in love with this trilogy. 

The City of Bones is the first book to the series. It is about how Clary finds out a secret life her mom once lived.Now that Clary is all grown up she finds out about it in a way she did not expect. The secret everyone tries to hide from Clary is that her mom was once known to be a Shadowhunter. A shadowhunter are warriors that kills the supernatural monsters living on earth.  While Clary adjusted to this new life she falls head over heels for a boy along with figuring out her real father is alive and not dead.

The City of Ashes is the second book. This book is about how Clary is adjusting to the shadownhunting life and trying to find her mom. Her mom was kidnapped by her father as a hostage due to trying to find the mortal cup. The mortal cup is an old instrument made by an angel that can invent powerful creatures. Unfortunately, finding the cup and her mother is not her only worry during the journey .Clary unexpectly finds out she has an older brother who been living in the same roof as her.

City of Glass is the third book for the series. This book is different from the other two because it is about Clary’s older brother, Johnathan.  The brother personality and goals are different from Clary. Johnathan wants to ruin the world by summons demons from the mortal cup and building an army. This book describes how he became the way he is now and what happened in the past that led to this event and the death to his father Valentine.

In City of Fallen Angel since the father is out of the picture they have the son to worry about. Just like the father Jonathan has intentions to rule the world and be king. The way he does it is by bringing the a dangerous demon named Lilth into earth. This demon gives Jonathan immortal powers to the point nothing on earth can kill him. The result of that is death of love ones to Clary and others.

The fifth book City of Lost Souls is about how Jonathan takes away the one person that matters the most to his sister, her boyfriend Jace. He decides to be evil and take the ability to love one another by connecting their souls from the Heaven Fire, which means if you kill Jonathan than you kill Jace. The Heaven fire is inside of Jace meaning his body is filled with heat, so there is no way to kiss or show his love for her without hurting her. So now everyone goal is trying to find a way to kill Jonathan without killing Jace before millions of people die.

The last book of the series is about finally finding Jonathan and killing him once and for all. The twist to this plot is millions of shadowhunter’s relatives and familes getting killed in the battle. The ending to this will never be forgotten and make history for the shadowhunters. But the question is still in the air will everything ever be back to normal after all the deaths, betrayal, and ruined homes because there are new rules and laws being invented so this tragedy will not happen again.





The Way to Wealth By:Kimberly Arce

Saving money is one of those task that’s easier said than done; we all know that it’s smart to save money in the long run, but so many of us have such a difficult time doing it. There’s more to saving money, you have to learn how to spend the money that you have.

Let’s start with learning how to Save Money Responsibly.

Step 1-Pay yourself first

Deposit a portion of your paycheck in your savings account. Over time, you will see the results of your portions adding up

  • To set up an automatic deposit, talk to the payroll staff at your job (or, if your employer uses one, your third-party payroll service). If you can provide account information for a savings account separate from your basic checking account, you should generally be able to set up a direct deposit scheme with no problems.
  • If for some reason you can’t set up an automatic deposit for each paycheck (like if you support yourself with freelance work or are paid mostly in cash), decide on a specific cash amount to manually deposit into a savings account each month and stick to this goal.

Step 2- Avoid accumulating new debt

Some debt is essentially unavoidable, but when you can avoid going into debt, do so. Paying a sum of money up-front is always cheaper in the long run than paying off an equivalent loan while interest accumulates over time.

  • If taking out a loan is unavoidable, try to make as big of down payment as possible. The more of the cost of the purchase you can cover up front, the quicker you’ll pay off your loan and the less you’ll spend on interest.
  • While everyone’s financial situation differs, most banks recommend that your debt payments should be about 10% of your pretax income, while anything under 20% is considered healthy. About 36% is seen as an “upper limit” for reasonable amounts of debt.

Step 3- Set responsible saving goals

It’s a lot easier to save if you know you have something to save for. Set yourself savings goals that are within your reach to motivate yourself to make the tough financial decisions needed to save responsibly.

Step 4- Establish a time frame fro your goals

Setting time frames is especially important for essential short-term goals when an emergency comes up and you need money but don’t have it on hands. Establishing a time frame can get you motivated as well.

Step 5- Keep a budget

Assigning a set portion of your income to all of your major expenses ahead of time can help ensure that you don’t waste money, especially if you actually divide each paycheck according to your budget as soon as you get it.

Step 6- Record your expenses

Keeping track of your expenses is key to identifying “problem’ areas to adjust your spending habits to fit your budget, so keep track of all expenses throughout the month. At the end of the month you may be shocked on the amount of money you spend.

Now let’s talk about Cutting Expenses

We tend to over pay on stuff that we don’t need, which increases the amount of money that comes out of pocket and causes us not to save. An example is eating out, ALL the time, you might just think “oh it’s just $6.35” but trust me when I tell you that those $6.35 you spend at McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, or Panera adds up at the end of the month. Then your there smoke coming out your ears from you thinking so hard trying to find out where did all your money go. So learn to limit your drive-thru’s and cook at home. But if you still decided to eat out, then look for coupons, they are every where!

  • Using apps like Locavore can help you get organic, fresh and cheap food.
  • Another app that I personally love is ibotta which gives you cash back as you shop for groceries, and what not.

Another thing we over pay for is our utility bill. We have the opportunity to reduce those numbers so why not do it. Here are some easy tips and tricks to help you out.

  • There’s no reason to leave the lights on if you’re not in the room so turning the light OFF will help you a lot.
  • Unplug anything that is not being used like your phone charger, the computer/laptop, the t.v., etc. Believe it or not even if your not using these things, it’s still pulling out energy which can be one of many reason for the high utility bill that knocks at your door every month.
  • Avoid using heating and A/C when it’s not essential. If your hot, try using a small hand fan or open the windows. If your cold, try a few layers of clothes/blankets.
  • If you can, invest in solar panels do so solar technology is becoming with in each passing year.
  • You can also use MyEnergy which gives you tips & tricks on saving on your bills, plus you can create a customized savings plan for your home.

For more tips here’s a quick video to help you find your way to wealth.

(click on the image above)

Now that you’ve educated your self with quite some information on saving money, what about a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

(click on the image above)