Window Into You Workshop

On October 9, 2014, the Window Into You workshop was hosted at Valencia College’s East Campus in Building 5-112 at 3 PM. The speaker of the workshop was a Valencia College East Campus counselor named Andrea Bealler. There was not too many people in this workshop session, but I would definitely recommend attending this workshop to anyone that wants to find out more about themselves and if you have to do it for your New Student Experience class, this would be the Personal Connection workshop that I find pretty interesting. Ms. Bealler started off the workshop by talking about the Purpose Assignment that has been given by the New Student Experience teachers and then, she talked about the key words of the workshop: your “1” thing, motivation/inspiration, and common theme. She discussed these keywords relating to the worksheet we were given in the beginning of the workshop, which consisted of four boxes with different categories. The categories for the boxes included: song title/lyrics, quote, saying, and three favorite movies. Each box also asked about why you like the thing you choose to write in each box or why it motivates you. The worksheet then asked what was the common theme or the “1” thing you found in common throughout all or most of the boxes. Ms. Bealler discussed her answers to each of the boxes and let us share our own answers to the boxes with each other, which was able to tell you a lot about the people in the room. After finishing the worksheet, you were able to get an idea about what your motivations and inspirations are to make you the person you are today and to also learn about yourself. The main thought that came into my head from attending this workshop was that the Window Into You workshop focused on you as an individual being able to ask yourself questions and reflecting on your life overall. It taught me that each individual around me is unique and has their own story of trials and tribulations even though it many not seem like it physically. From the information discussed in the workshop, you are able to imagine what your future will be like with a general idea of what motivates and inspires you now to continue forward. She also suggested that we watch the Pursuit of Happiness because the movie shows you what you should pursue in life: your passion. Ms. Bealler talked about how she does not like to see how people have jobs they are not happy with and you should really pursue things in the future that you love because if you really do love them, you will make it work, no matter what circumstances and situations are thrown at you. Overall, I really enjoyed this workshop and she said we were a rather quiet group than most, but the Window Into You workshop really makes you think about all the things that you have gone through in your life and what will keep you going by being able to ask yourself questions about your own life and mind.
Mirror Reflection of Yourself