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My Man

His love strengthens me a feeling that I have yet to describe.

Like fine wine he is good for me .

Like the stars in the dark sky he lights up my night.

With him I  know I’m home.

He is my being me new found joy, my heart beats ,my mind is lost and my nerves tremble when I am in his presence.

He makes me want to dream bigger, reach higher heights, he makes me hungry for my future and  in that future I see him.

He has restored me and love is what I feel and its so refreshing and I rather a moment of him then not having him at all.

He is my  Man .


Stop the Abuse

Who am I you ask?

Who the fu** am I is the word that come out of your mouth how dare you even speak those word. After all you have done to me!

The rude and abusive word that you scream and yell at me, words that leave scars 36 in. deep and you have the nerves to ask me who I am.

The words of abuse:

” Sorry B**ch!”…. “Slut” …”Whore”… “Worthless”

You leave me with scars that bleed every minute I so much as think of you! You…YOU  you sorry excuse for a man… how dare you cut me with your words then blame me.

” You made me do…are you happy…See what you mad me do…”

Words that will never leave me , words that are branded in my soul along with the imprint of your fist hitting  my face.

The bruises so hard to cover, I can still feel the blows of you smashing my head into UUGHHHH… I hate you…I LOATH YOU!!!

An you dare to utter those word ” Who the fu** do you think you are?”

What a great question a question I have no answer to. A question I was so scared to even think of  since I have been with you.

But, even though I don’t know who I am fully I do know who I am not:

I am not your toy, I am not your punching bag, I AM NOT YOUR PROBLEM, and I am not your pain, your fear. I am not an animal nor your slave.

I am a human being and I deserve more, I deserve better so fu** you and the hell you came from I’m going  to find who I am and you will no long be apart of me.

End the Violence. More information on reporting abuse.

Poe Poetry Reading Challenge: Part II

Spooky October Night of Halloween
Prior to this post, the start of this challenge came to be at the beginning of the month for the sake of Halloween. I was going to read an Edgar Allan Poe poem for each day of this month because Poe is a very spooky writer, which happens to be perfect for Halloween. I successfully completed the challenge I put myself up to and now, I present you fellow readers with the second part to my Poe poem analysis and recommendations. The book that I have with his complete tales and poems contains more than the 31 poems I decided to analyze, considering it is over 1,000 pages long. It all depends on you to make the decision to buy the book or look further into the works of Edgar Allan Poe’s mysterious writing. Journey into this long post about Edgar Allan Poe’s different poems to have more insight about what poems I find to be better than others and to learn about a few of his works!
15. Al Aaraaf
The beginning of Al Aaraaf and the Part II of it both are romantic stories of lovers willing to die for each other. In Part II, it refers to a maiden and a fallen angel falling into a deep spell of slumber when the moon appears and for Al Aaraaf, it refers more to the beauty of an empress of a city who leaves her kingdom and finds a field of many flowers. She falls asleep in the field in mourning of her lover, but ends up waking up back in her palace in what seems to be a ghost-like state. Part II goes into detail about the fallen angel staring at his lover in a long sleep. Overall, the whole poem was very long, but the strong theme of romance in both parts make it more worthwhile to read with its flowing vocabulary and beautiful imagery.
16. Romance
This poem personifies the word ‘romance’ by talking about how it teaches us things, but yet to feel it is a very delicate and dangerous thing. It describes it in different places such as among leaves, a lake, and in the sky. Romance is not a long poem, but yet it speaks volumes with the eloquent vocabulary it uses with words such as uniquet and paroquet. Overall, I like the topic of the poem and it is constructed very smoothly when reading it.
17. Introduction
Introduction starts off with the poem, Romance, but continues in a very detailed version of what I believe is meant to be the whole poem. It separates Romance between the first stanza and the fourth stanza, but the mood of the poem changes drastically. This poem talks about how evidently the narrator falls in love with melancholy and things surrounded by death and beauty. The narrator of the poem evidently feels sorrow and wants to dream his life away because of all the sadness he feels from love. Introduction is a little bit longer than Romance and the word choice is able to make you feel what is felt by the narrator of the poem, making it more appealing to me. Overall, it is a good poem that I would suggest to other readers as well.
18. To ___
This poem is slightly confusing to me, but it made more sense as I kept re-reading it. To___ is about the downfall of a lover’s spirit seen through their eyes and the narrator evidently wanting to win their love. The narrator knows that nothing can buy their happiness. Overall, this poem is short and confusing, but reading it more and more will help any reader be able to interpret it more in their own perspective.
19. To the River____
To the River___ is referring to the beauty of a river the narrator sees. The narrator talks about the river’s clear flow, the crystal wandering water, the glistening shine, and the pretty brooks it contains. They also talk about falling under the river’s gaze, which personifies the river into a woman in the narrator’s perspective. Overall, To the River___ is a very beautifully constructed poem with its word usage and imagery.
20. To___
To___ is a different poem than mentioned in number 18 of this post, but I find it to be one of the shortest poems I have seen in this book so far. This poem is just as confusing as the one mentioned in number 18 and overall, it talks about how the love between two people can be forgotten so easily. Overall, To___ is confusing and short and like number 18, it has to be reread more than a few times to be able to understand it better.
21. Fairy Land
Fairy Land is a poem that goes into the conversation between the narrator and Isabel. The narrator is telling Isabel how the fairies bring moon beams that lighten the darkness so things can be discovered. It seems like the narrator looks forward to what the fairies bring and he hopes for them to come back because their moon beams expand over great distances to lead people to discover the hidden things of the world. Overall, the tone of the poem seems rather enlightened than most of Poe’s works, but the extensive vocabulary and descriptive imagery make me enjoy Fairy Land more than most poems.
22. Alone
Alone talks about how the narrator has felt alone for all of his life. The narrator had a rough childhood and talks about how almost everything good and bad happened in his life. In the end, the narrator sees the bad in life. Overall, the poem has a very empathetic appeal and the use of imagery is very well presented, which makes it something I would recommend for others to read.
23. To Isaac Lea
For starters, To Isaac Lea is definitely the shortest poem I have seen in this book so far. It is only four line and it talks about having a choice to choose for or against a cause, which is basically for anyone. Overall, this poem was mediocre and I honestly wish it would have been longer since it came off very appealing.
24. Elizabeth
Elizabeth is an acrostic poem that was written for Elizabeth Rebecca Herring, who happened to be Edgar Allan Poe’s cousin. It seems to be more about the philosopher’s, Zeno, belief of not writing your own name in a book, but rather writing the things that come to you as the most meaningful in your heart. Overall, it is a rather short, yet strange poem to read the first few times.
25. From an Album
This poem is also another acrostic spelling of the name Elizabeth in reference to Elizabeth Rebecca Herring. From an Album makes more references to other things such as English artist L. E. L. (Letitia Elizabeth Landon), Xanthippe (wife of Socrates), and Endymion (an 1818 John Keats poem). The meaning of this poem is rather confusing, but it relates to love for someone and death. Overall, it is another short poem that has more meaningful references than easy analysis of it.
26. Lines on Joe Locke
Lines on Joe Locke is a really short poem of two stanzas and it talks about how Joe Locke is an essentially more notorious and memorable person to talk about, having never lied before. The narrator seems to be fond of the name Joe Locke rather than John Locke, which he talks about in the poem as well. Overall, this poem tends to be more open to analysis in different perspectives, but it is rather concise and to the point than most.
27. To Helen
This poem sounds like it is referring to Helen of Troy when it mentions Greece and Rome. The narrator talks about the beauty of Helen and how he comes from far away adventures to return home to the ‘Holy Land’ where Helen is. Overall, the imagery and elaborate words make this poem stand out as appealing to me in a very odd way.
28. Israfel
To start with, Israfel is a more religious poem than what I have seen so far in this book. In the Koran, Israfel is an angel who sings in the skies of Heaven with his lyre. The poem talks about how his lute and lyre are capable of bringing so much beauty and happiness to the stars and the moon, but yet if he were to come to earth, he would probably make a sadder song that what he usually sings. Overall, the flow, the imagery, and the vocabulary of this poem come off as astounding to me and I would recommend this poem to other readers since it gives off a sense of imagination and pure bliss.
29. The Sleeper
The Sleeper refers to the narrator’s love, Irene. It talks about how she is so beautiful and how the narrator wants her to sleep forevermore in peace, assuming she is dead. The narrator comes off as romantic and what sounds like hoping for Irene to come to him, but by the fourth stanza, it gives off the feel that Irene is dead and he hopes for her to rest peacefully in her gave. Overall, the vivid imagery, the rhyme pattern, the wide use of vocabulary, and the flow of the poem are great to me and I would recommend this poem to other readers because I find the writing of it as a whole to be purely breath-taking.
30. The Valley of Unrest
This poem refers to the life of a valley in which the processes of nature continue with or without people around. It talks about the wind, the sunlight, the air, the flowers, and more still going through the processes of evolving to death in a silent area left alone. Overall, the tone of The Valley of Unrest is rather sad, but the huge amount of imagery given to readers of this poem makes it more and more enticing to read repeatedly.
31. The City in the Sea
The City in the Sea seems to refer to an underwater town being rarely touched by light and so filled with death that it ultimately becomes hell with riches. The town has no life to it and Death has a throne there to foretell the sadness of the poem and the town. Overall, the imagery of this poem is pretty extensive, but The City in the Sea is a rather grave poem in which readers of Poe’s work might actually be okay with the grim concept like most of his works.

And now to conclude this post with saying this: I would definitely recommend journeying into the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The poems I wrote about in these two posts tend to be more unknown, but his most notable works happen to be The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, The Cask of Amontillado, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Mystery of Marie Roget, The Purloined Letter, and many more. So if you want to spook up your mood for the month of October, you can attend Halloween Horror Nights, watch Halloween TV specials, attend haunted houses, watch scary movies(check out the movie, The Raven, which is inspired by Poe’s works) or whatever else may liven up your night(do NOT do anything dangerous!), but I would definitely suggest that you check out Edgar Allan Poe’s works, whether it be his short stories or poems to really give you a fright for Halloween, October, or just any other night!



By: Colby Birkett

What is communication really? Is it a skill? Is it something we are just naturally good at? Why is it treated like its so important? I can tell you it is a skill, it is important, and weather you are born with it or not you can still improve your communication skills daily. Having good communication skills can take you to the next level, it can get you important contacts and pull people on to your side. I can personally tell you that having good communication skills can change your life it can make a small start-up into a powerhouse. One word to a stranger can make a contact that will benefit you for years to come. I know because the business my brothers and I are starting centers around getting out and talking to people. We are doing car photography so going to shows and talking to the owners of nice cars, is just the easiest marketing strategy for us. At a recent show we brought examples of our images and walked around talking to people, we ended up building a connection with the vice president of a mustang club that has thousands of members. He liked us so much he wanted us to come to one of his meeting with an entertaining presentation and offered us up to 30 minutes of the meetings time to pitch and sell our products and services.


All it took to get that connection was the confidence to say hello and the transparency to show our excitement and dedication to our project. Using non-verbal and verbal communication skills really helped us start to get our business off the ground. Another example is asking friends and family if they were interested in buying the T-Shirts we’ve produced, in a few weeks over half of the T-shirts have been sold and many have committed to buy a T-shirt when they can. When working on your communication skills understand that body language and non-verbal communication can give a first impression before you even get a chance to talk. Being confident, smiling, and approaching directly are good ways of having strong non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is most easily dictated by tone of voice, word choice, and relate-ability. When others see you speaking with confidence they are more likely to buy into what you are saying. When people feel they can relate to you they feel a stronger bond to you and what you are saying as they are more likely to feel like they would say or do the same thing. Communication is HUGE but don’t treat it like it’s a big deal just say what you think and feel and speak with confidence and professionalism.

Her Story Inspires


My name is Anonymous, and I am 21 years of age  and a strong black female.

My life if filled with events that would make the weak fall apart and give up on life but not me. I am strong, beautiful, I walk my own path and stand by the words that I speak.  From the outside it may appear that I have it together but my story is unknown to many.

In the 7th grade I was sexually assaulted by another class mate. It was my the first encounter with truly bad people.

In the 8th grade I lost my grandmother to cervical cancer which resulted in the negative demon of depression.  I was locked in an asylum and Baker Acted until they knew I would not harm myself.

My whole high school life I felt like the outcast- an alien on earth. I never fit in and felt the lashes of modern day racism hearing such lines as,  ” who would want to be with a black girl?”

My father never talked to me and when he did it was only to tell me “You’re not worth two piles of dog shit”.

I have loved and I have lost and my story is not even half way done. However my point is despite the obstacles in my life I have fought and over come the struggle and continue to do so. I want my story to inspire you to be the best you and tell society “to take several seats” because you make your destiny and only you know who you are.

Despite the bad in my story I turned things around. I am not only a 21 year old fabulous black women. I am a strong women that graduated high school, received 5 scholarships for college, and have full-time job making above minimum wage. I also have my own car, about to graduate college with my A.S. degree with hopes of living on my own.

You are NOT your PAST, your are NOT your Struggle. You are who ever you choose to be and can achieve all thing  you put your mind too.




Breast Cancer Walk: Making Strides

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Saturday October 25th, 2014 Lake Eola held the annual Breast Cancer Walk: Making Strides 5K. The walk began at 9 a.m. as their were 1,115 teams and 9,383 participants who took part in the walk. They raised a total of $721, 836.73 in donations to help the American Cancer Society fight the diseases with breast cancer research.

Making Strides is held every year at Lake Eola in the month of October to unite the community to honor breast cancer survivors, raise awareness about what we as a community can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer, and raise money for the research to fight against breast cancer. The walk is such an amazing experience for the community to fight and rally against breast cancer and it is a lifetime change for those facing breast cancer and their families.

The walk was a huge success as everyone had a great time and the volunteers were awesome, cheering on the walkers and handing out water. We both have been participating in the Making Strides walk for a few years and it just keeps on getting bigger and better each year. Each year there are more pink wigs, pink tutu’s, and pink bras. Every inch of the streets of Downtown Orlando are filled with pink as the community of Orlando is spreading awareness of breast cancer. 

Photos taken by: Mai Son


By: Colby Birkett

My brothers and I are creating our own start-up called HoleShotHeroes, we are a car photography company focusing on professional grade photography shot by car guys for car guys. We have loved cars since before we could walk, i remember being a young boy taking all the VHS tapes and lining them up around the house creating a road for our toy cars to drive on. We got tired of just rolling them in circles so we created an airport, burger joint, car wash, and a junkyard to give our cars destinations. We wanted to create a world just as realistic as the real one, but one in which we could control the cars, it was a lot of fun. We weren’t the only ones who loved cars however, our father and grandfather both collected classic cars, so you could say we basically grew up at car shows. We noticed the pictures we used to buy from these shows were often taken by amateur photographers or good photographers who simply didn’t know anything about cars. A car like anything else you want to photograph, takes time to learn, knowing your subject is the most important part of photography if you don’t know what makes your subject interesting or special then your photo is one anybody could take with a nice camera. If you truly know your subject then you can see what makes it interesting and different and get a picture that shows that. Being a good photographer also centers on knowing your camera, anybody can get a good camera put it fully automatic, point and shoot, but that is not the way of a professional a professional can take the same picture and control it in any way they want. So many photographers don’t know enough about their subject or camera and just get sub-par shots, but when you really work at it you can get some amazing shots. Since we have the advantage of most definitely knowing our subjects we are allowed to focus on being creative with our angles, settings, and editing to get premium pictures for a not so premium price.

Here are some examples of my recent pictures taken at a local car show last weekend called mystery meat(many of them were only minor edits):


Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF Workshop

DirectConnect Path to UCF
On October 23, 2014, Valencia College’s East Campus hosted the Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF at 2 PM in Building 3-113. Most of the workshops I have attended happened to be in Building 5-112 so finding this particular location was a bit of a mission for me. The presenter of this workshop happened to be Priscilla Alejandro, who will become an advisor for the DirectConnect process at Valencia College. She was assisted by Christopher Quintero, who is the current DirectConnect Advisor at Valencia College’s East Campus.

There was a small group of people that attended this workshop and when walking in, there was a bunch of papers about the whole process of DirectConnect as well as UCF stress ball stars, Skittles, drink holders, and ‘I love UCF’ wristbands. I would suggest going to this workshop if you do not know what DirectConnect is, if you want to plan ahead for your college life, or if you are near the end of your time at Valencia College. This workshop was the first time Ms. Alejandro presented for this particular topic and overall, I believe it was a job well done. She started off the workshop talking about what DirectConnect is and the process of applying for this opportunity.

First off, you would have to sign up for DirectConnect to have guaranteed admission at UCF. You would have to complete your Associates in Art(A.A.) degree program or your Associates in Science(A.S.) degree program and apply for graduation at Valencia. The cumulative GPA required for an early decision into the DirectConnect program is 2.75 or higher. When signing up for DirectConnect, you have to make sure you complete the following: two English composition courses(ENC 1101 and ENC 1102), two math courses(MAC 1105 and higher), foreign language courses(two years in high school or one year in college), and the prerequisite courses for your decided major. Next, you would have to submit a UCF Admission Application and pay the $30 application fee. When submitting the application, you have to submit your immunization records(Two MMR and if living on campus, three Hepatitis B and Meningitis shots), your official transcripts(Valencia transcript, high school transcript and if you have these, College Board official scores and official international evaluation for international transcripts, and a PRA card copy if you are a resident alien.

She continued the workshop by talking about all the scholarships available to students as listed on one of the papers available to us as we walked in. Scholarships can be found through the UCF website, the College Answer website, the College Board website, the College Scholarships website, the Fastweb Website, the Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs, the Nerd Scholar website, the Next Student Scholarship website, the No Essay Scholarships website, the Scholarships website, and the main Orange County Library that has a scholarship index book located in downtown.
After sharing the information about scholarships, financial aid, loans, and other papers needed in the process of applying to UCF, Ms. Alejandro went over the UCF Degree Programs list and asked people in the room about what degrees are they seeking to pursue. There were many answers such as Journalism, Nursing, Biology, Graphic Design, Engineering, and more. Ms. Alejandro and Mr. Quintero answered questions relating to the process we would have to take to pursue these programs and overall, it was a nice experience. They gave out their contact information and advised us to set up appointments if we specifically wanted to know how to pursue our career paths at the end of the presentation. Overall, I enjoyed the factual information that was given to us in this workshop. The Knights Connect: Express Path to UCF workshop is very informative and educates you about the process of DirectConnect, what is really is, the requirements, and how you should go about continuing your path at UCF after graduating from Valencia College.

Couponing Basics

By: Kimberly Arce

Now a days with all the economic difficulties extreme couponing has become a very popular hobby or way of life for some people. Couponing is a way to save money and help you pay less or close to nothing of the retail price. As seen in the show Extreme Couponing in reality TV it is possible to have a $700 cart full of items and walk out only paying $7. The trick is knowing how to coupon.

1. Find Your Favorite Store

Learn as much as you can about the store coupon policy. Access the store’s weekly ad circular online or in-store. While shopping it’s good to know where are the items in the store to help you save time.

2. Find the coupons

First and for most search for coupons. They’re everywhere such as in apps, newsletters, mail and online. Gather all the coupons you will most likely use. I usually find them in apps and offers sent to me through email.

3. File

Filing is not an easy task mostly when you have numerous coupons right in front of you but it is essential that you are organized when couponing. So start of by filing them by categories (like food, clothes, entertainment, baby stuff, etc.). Then file by expiration date (earliest in the front). Always be aware of expiration dates you don’t want useful coupons to go to waste.

4. Tips before heading to the store

  • Get a copy of the store’s weekly so you can match sale products with coupons. Doubling or tripling coupon value if allowed by store.
  • Don’t be brand loyal
  • Make a shopping list in order of the store’s aisles so that you can easily navigate through the store.
  • Plan to purchase only what is on your list unless you find a freebie.
  • Take baby steps and remember every coupon you use saves you money.

Need more help? Here are some websites in which show you how to buy items and what to look for. (you can also find their YouTube channel)











Our Society

We protect ourselves from the new found epidemic buying sanitizer, masks, gloves, and clorex wipes. Yet a condom is to expensive to buy?

In the land where freedom of speech is a natural born right, yet we are silenced and judged constantly as we long to express our true self.

The harsh reality of society is we vote for CHANGE and the that is easily swayed in order to secure vote in the next election.

Our society is a HARSH TRUTH

A eye opener to people’s natural narcissistic characteristics.

A society we the people need justice, we cry and search for it even hope and wish for it DEMANDING it!

But our justice ain’t SH**!

They protect and serve the people, catching the bad guys…  the wrong doers. The truth however, their catching anybody who so much as look at them the wrong way.

Our society is a HARSH TRUTH!

The more we seemingly progress in growth and develop in technology we digress as people. Forget that it was people who made this country no money nor technology. If we were to go back in time what would Martin Luther King say “this is y’all dream not mine “… what would Albert Einstein say ” this technology is to vast and will be our destruction one day”.

What will our past say? The people before our time did not fight, struggle, risk their lives for us to lose the foundation of this nation.


We need to wake up and do better.