Grace’s Guide – The art of pretending to be a grown up! -Review


If you don’t know there is a very amazing Youtuber called it’sGrace!

She is a very hilarious woman that can literally make a joke about anything. These skills eventually brought her up to write her own book .In the book she begins detailing life experiences and how she handled them , or at least how she could have handled them. Hilarious as some situations can be , they do give plenty of insight on situations people face.

Hilariously enough the book’s title is the Art of trying to be a grown up.

Essentially being a adult is unique and can be an art since we are all different.

This book relates to me and other Young adults due to it’s sense of humor. It’s a great read for a laugh, or if you need some advice on just where things are going for your life.This book has such a variety of topics its great!

For instance she even describes the balance of what you should do and not do online and how to keep that split between personal life and things the internet really doesn’t need to know.

She gives advice on how to handle breaks ups,

How to prepare for job interviews.

She also give insight on travel tips and what to take.

Over all this is a great book , it is very helpful and well as very cheery and uplifting

This book gets a score of 10/10 for me. Though definitely check it out yourself!