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Latina and Mosaic Mentoring Program

LATINA and MOSAIC mentoring programs have been quite busy this semester participating in events, and programs that serve the Valencia campus, and the community at large. They have worked very hard to ensure that the mission of the mentoring program is on display each day. We salute these students, as they have found a way to make a difference will balancing their academics, social, and work schedules. Keep up the good work!
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Electronics: Drug of the World? By Roberto Gonzalez

Electonics addict




Drugs.  One of many definitions for the word is ‘any article, other than food, intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or other animals.’  Now take a look at the drugs that are world-renown.  There are bad drugs, such as crack, cocaine, and heroine that give users a false sense a euphoria for a temporary time period.  However, there are good drugs as well.  Medical drugs such as morphine, or Aspirin, relieve pain from the user, allowing for further progress to be made throughout the day.  However, too much of a good thing can be bad and possibly deadly.  Any type of medicine taken incorrectly can have dangerous after-effects.  What is even more dangerous is that good or bad; people can become addicted to them.  Today, something new has become just as dangerous and addictive as drugs: Electronics.

Think back to when you woke up this morning.  Did you stumble around in the dark, or did you turn on a light or TV?  On weekends, do you sit around watching the clouds, or are you on a computer or a gaming station?  When you leave the house, do you bring some change for a payphone, or do you carry around a little device that lets you call and text anyone with a push of the button?  The answer that most would choose is the second.  Electricity is a gift that has been modified and strengthened throughout the years.  However, just like with anything in the world, there is only so much good that can be taken before it becomes bad.

39; That is the number of states that have officially made it illegal to text and drive.  Texting is a phenomenal creation that allows people the chance to talk to others without actually talking to each other.  Some conversations are difficult to understand, so texting has made it easier to get points across during certain situations.  Nowadays, saying texting is popular is an understatement.  It is now rare to see someone who does not text at all.  Texting has become an addictive part of the human experience.  However, just like any other addiction, it has become dangerous and deadly.  People now text and drive quite often, and not only the drivers, but innocent lives have had to pay the price.  Statistics show that over 6000 people are killed via car accidents that involved cell phones.  More than half a million others make it out with their lives, but are scarred in more ways than one.

Almost everything is run through computers nowadays.  Police officers use computers to look up information about criminals in the system and any other crimes that have occurred.  People use computers to pay bills and chat with friends.  Currently, Facebook is the most addictive site on the web.  That may be good for the creators of Facebook, but chatting sites and blogs have caused so much pain and torture throughout the years.  Cyber-bullying is a dangerous threat that is often brushed under the rug.  Many people commit suicide or contemplate dangerous acts because someone online has mocked or belittled them.  Some cases of cyber-bullying have taken more than one life; lives that can never be brought back.

However, there are good uses for electronics as well; uses that benefit humans.  Hospitals use state-of-the-art machines in order to help people.  There are items such as X-rays, which allow doctors to see any fractures or broken bones that may be causing pain to patients.  However, too much of X-rays can kill a person.  Using only a small dose causes no harm to patients.  Another item that is purely beneficial is the ultrasound machine.  Ultrasounds can be used to see if there are any problems with organs and allow doctors to find a way to help them.  An exceedingly great use for the ultrasound is used for child development.  Expecting mothers commonly use ultrasounds to see their babies growing inside them; a new life in this growing world.

Are electronics the drug of the world?  There are both good and bad uses for them.  They can become dangerously addicting.  Finally, consequences from either use may have a chance of never being fixed.  To see how others responded, I held a survey with 50 people: students, teachers, pastors, parents, and many more.  The results were surprising.  10 out of 50 people all said that electronics were not like a drug.  When asked, one reviewer said, “Like anything in life, it depends on the person.  Moderation can prevent addiction, but, once again, it is solely based on the person using the electronic, not the electronic itself.”

10 out of 50 people had said that electronics were not like drugs.  That could show that 1 out of every 5 people could agree with this reviewer’s thoughts.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and as such, I was glad to receive this though.  However, how do you feel?  Can you see your life without your electronics?  Are electronics addictive?  No matter how you feel, there is one thing for certain.  The next time you sit down to watch TV, your mind will ask you this question:  Are Electronics the new designer drug of the world?

New Year, New Semester ! By Danielle Sweeting

Its a new semester and Bridges started of the year strong with an inspirational Symposium. Meaning its time to get back to hard work and dedication and its time to make some changes. So lets stay away from the excusal forms,  and appeals and take thing seriously;  it our future after all. When it comes to this semester let make it a part of our resolution to  turn in all volunteer hours, all  our skill workshops , and study hard. I know there can be a great deal of stress when it come to balancing  school, work, family , and social lives. There are also aspects that are out of your control like a flat tire, job loss , and even a sick family member.  So whenever you get discouraged remember these word from Mr. Calvin Hayes our guest speaker from the Symposium:

–  “If your dreams do not scare you then your just not dreaming big enough.” – Calvin

-” If you don’t show up there is always someone on standby ready to take your spot.”- Calvin

-“Not everyone deserves to be on your plane.” – Calvin

The most important statement that I took away from Mr. Hayes Calvin. that I I feel everyone should keep in their minds and hearts is; “Aiming high may feel uncomfortable but you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable….. so When you fly high you may realize  its lonely but you never see and eagle fly in a pack.”

So in the word of Calvin “How high will you fly”?


Late Night Thoughts By Danielle Sweeting

Dear late night thoughts,
As I lay in my bed my mind races at the speed of light, bouncing back and forth between subjects. I think about my family and friends, my mind wonder so deep in to eternity sometimes. The places my thought take me are so deep it scares me and I break out in to a cold sweet. Sometimes I wonder will I make it in this world… will I reach the goals that I have worked so hard to achieve…What if the goals I have be pursuing from the beginning of time are not even what I really want? As I lay in my bed, and focus on my late night thoughts I close my eyes and search my soul only to discover something that is so up lifting I will keep it in my memory forever until death do us part. ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”-(King James Bible)

………And the my heart, mind,body, and soul is at peace glory is thy name Jesus.