How To Make A Better Résumé-By Corey

A good resume is what we all believe will get us a foot in the door and will help give us a chance to interview for a potential job. Once you get to the interview the skills needed there are much different than those which you have learned for you resume. So lets focus on the resume, what are the key parts and how do you make it appealing? Well a good resume will look appealing and will be created with an understanding of how it will be looked at. Chances are your resume will only be looked at for a short period of time, in most cases just around 30 seconds. So how do you make it impress in just that short period of time? You should do your best to make sure your resume looks and feels good, this means that you need to pay close attention to formatting and also to your printing process, a resume should be printed on quality paper with a quality printer. A resume can take many different formats, but make sure if you use a template that you follow it and keep it consistent, inconsistency will hurt your resume. Another thing to note is the most important info is to be put at the top or bottom as those are the most likely spots to be read as often times the resume is looked up and down. Important things to make sure are on your resume are contact information, work experience, education, skills, honors and awards, leadership positions, and activities and interests. There may be seem to be a lot to put, but try to keep it to one page and only note the most relevant and impressive information. Besides the look, feel, and content of the resume there are other ways to make it stand out such as adding a cover letter, many employers may see that as going the extra mile. Or if you are not much of a wiz in word or programs like that but can design an elegant and original resume on other programs trying that can really make you stand out. Prezi or other slide based programs can give you a way to separate your information strongly and emphasize the most important info the right way, as well as allowing you to show examples of your work. These can make your resume much more personal and also give a creative way to design it around the job you are applying for. Making sure to make your resume different as it applies to different jobs will also help you be successful in making a better resume. A great resume can be created by showcasing what you have done that is important and you of all people should be able to tell those stories. Making sure your content and formatting are strong will ensure a good resume and thinking outside of the box a bit may just help your chances.


Career Center Open House

On Wednesday March 25,2014 from 11am- 3pm was a helpful event that was opened for everyone. The event was mainly for students that wanted to look further more into their career. The open house was filled with food, flyers, and most importantly advisers that were able to help out. The flyers that were included were internships, scholarships, and most importantly career information like what classes to take and how to nail a job in the future. This event was a great idea mainly because there were advisers there that would answer questions without needing a appointment.

student welcoming you

games,prices, and information

advisers talking to students

internship flyers open out for anyone

pictures taken by Tiana Valentin

The Duff Movie Review

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Feburary 20th, 2015 The Duff was released into theaters. The term Duff is interpreted as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The main character, Bianca, is an intelligent senior enjoying her final year of high school with her friends Jess and Casey. Bianca does not conform to society’s standards of beauty as she dresses how she seems fit. In the movie, Bianca attends a party with her friends where she runs into Wes, her former friend and neighbor. He refers her as his favorite “Duff” which he then explains how she is the designated ugly fat friend as Jess and Casey are more attractive and popular than she is. He tells her how everyone just uses her in order to get closer to her friends.

Throughout the movie Bianca try to transform herself out of being a duff with the help of the star football player, Wes. In exchange, Bianca helps Wes into passing his chemistry test so he can play football again. Bianca changes her wardrobe entirely and drops her best friends Jess and Casey in order to get her crush, Toby, to go out with her. In the end, Bianca saw that the guy she liked was only using her to get close to her friends. She changed herself for someone that did not like her and she realized that everyone was a duff. She was no different than Jess, Casey, Toby, or Wes. Bianca does reunite with her friends again and she ends up with Wes who finally saw Bianca the way she saw herself.

The film was very enjoyable and hilarious and we were throughly entertained. It was the typical teen high school movie just a more modern type. The movie was to show that everyone is a duff. You do not have to be ugly or fat, but you are or know someone that is the friend being used by others whether it be just to have someone to talk to, get closer to someone else, or to showcase their talent or beauty over yours. This is what happens not only in high school, but in college, the workplace, etc. People use each other to get what they want, but this film showed how to embrace yourself and not to change who you are to please others.


Atmosphere Concert

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Saturday March 28th, 2015 the music group Atmosphere performed in downtown Orlando. At 5 p.m. the doors opened and crowds of people filled up the small venue to have the first performer start. The starting act was the rapper Dem Atlas who gave a lot of energy to the crowd and a great performance. He is coming back to Orlando in a few weeks, so check him out. Next after was the rapper Prof with DJ Fundo which we are not a big fan of his music, but he did give a good show.

Atmosphere was the main act and they were just amazing. They are a hip hop group from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group consists of rapper “Slug” Sean Daley and DJ/producer “Ant” Anthony Davis. They have very inspiring music and they engage with the audience a lot. Their concert was a very memorable experience.

Concerts are great experiences in general as a bunch of strangers come together for a single purpose and that is music. Music brings a lot of people together and music is such a powerful tool as it can be an escape for many to get away from their life. Concerts are times to get away from school, work, family, etc. in order to have fun with people that share common music interests.

Photos taken by: Mai Son

Why ISIS why now?

Has anyone else been wondering recently where ISIS came from and how long they have been around? Well ISIS has been around since 2004, when an extremist was allowed to formally join Al-Queda and became recognized as the leader in Iraq. These close ties kept ISIS mostly just a part of Al-Queda and with the US forces antiterrorist troops eliminating most of the high ups in ISIS the group stayed somewhat small. In 2011 however, the withdrawl of troops and pressure on ISIS as well as conflict with Al-Queda sparked a new leadership and new ideas. ISIS now wanted to step out of Al-Quedas shadow, although they had the same goals to achieve for the end, how they planned to get there seemed to differ. ISIS leadership plans to take control of Syria, Iraq, and other neighboring countries and use their power to start religious wars until their extremist Muslim view is shared by the entire world. Where they differ from Al-Queda though, is they believe that their sharing of brutal videos and proof of their brutality is the better path to successfully taking control.

They also do not have much preference for who they kill, they have killed many muslims who just aren’t sunni extremists like themselves. ISIS like any other power hungry terrorist movement gets alot of attention from the media, however this has seemed to only benefit them in their recruiting process. ISIS should be fought more than they are written about, as they have dangerous ideas and goals and should not be allowed to pursue them any farther, i believe the world should step in before they  allow to gain any more power. ISIS can be a threat to America and to everyone but the news outlets giving it so much attention only seems to scare the people more, for an organization that has been around so long, the recent attention seems a little bit forced by the news media and should not be as glamorized.

Steven Universe Review! by -Kyle Melendez


You’re probably asking yourself why I’m reviewing a cartoon. Well this cartoon is strangely unique and purely amazing!

Steven Universe follows the adventures and characters of Mainly 4 crystal gems called Garnet , Amethyst , Pearl and last but not least Steven. Though this series they uncover the mystery of gem’s and have fun adventures that are very interesting with music that is fantastic!

Steven universe is one of those cartoons that mix mystery , adventure and just make you feel good about being yourself. Not to mention This is one of only two cartoons that make me bust out laughing with funny situations and extremely expressive voice acting.

This cartoon is really amazing in terms of how it make you feel good about being yourself. Steven is a half human half gem and inherits his mother’s gem. While being half human and not being as old as the other gems , he always finds himself not knowing how to use his gem which leads to him not feeling as useful as the others. What is special is he always finds a way to make it work , and always sees the beauty of the situation no matter how hard or how difficult it seems, he has faith he can save day.

The art style is just gorgeous with it feeling very imaginative and light colors, with music that is subtle at times but is perfect for the situations imposed.

This show also has a plot that is very interesting with where the gems originated and fight scenes that involve fusions of gems and the various lore of monsters and corrupted gems.

This animation is wonderful and if you’re in the mood for a laugh , good art work to look at , or just want to feel good about being yourself this show is definitely for you.

Here is the intro which gives off an automatic feel for how sweet the show is !

Furious 7: Movie Review

Furious 7
On April 3, 2015, Furious 7 opened in U.S. theaters. The movie has received $60 million in the international box office so far. It is an American action film and stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, and the deceased Paul Walker. Furious 7 is the 7th installment in the Fast & Furious franchise.
This movie is about Derreck Shaw seeking revenge for his younger brother, Owen Shaw, by going against Dominic Toretto(Vin Diesel) and his crew. Shaw hacks into the police system and Hobbs fights him, but he ultimately escapes and kills Hans, a crew member of Toretto’s. Hobbs gives Toretto the file and Frank Perry’s help so he can go after Shaw under the condition that he helps him obtain God’s Eye, a device that hacks into any network on any global device. Toretto and his team catch the girl responsible for the hacking system and go on a mission to Abu Dhabi to get God’s Eye in a royal prince’s party. They get the device and are able to locate Shaw after many intense car scenes. It is ultimately up to you to decide to watch the movie to find out what happens to Shaw and Toretto’s team. I would definitely recommend this to any car fanatic or action movie lover because it keeps you on your feet throughout the whole movie. The explosions, the story, and the car scenes are able to invoke excitement and suspense to keep going through this Fast & Furious movie, just as the whole franchise is able to do so. It is definitely worth watching, but it is up to you to make the decision to watch Furious 7!

Dracula Untold: Movie Review

Dracula Untold
On October 10, 2014, Dracula Untold was released in U. S theaters. It is a dark fantasy action horror film and had $215 million in the box office worldwide. The movie is 92 minutes long and overall, it was something different to see.
Dracula Untold was based in the Middle Ages in the life of Vlad the Impaler, prince of Wallachia and Transylvania. Vlad and his soldiers went to Broke Tooth Mountain on an exploration and found a dark creature in the cave, in which Vlad stabbed the creature with his sword. After coming back from the exploration, Ottoman scouts come to his castle and accuse him of killing a battalion of scouts to do their bidding, which would be to gather the boys of the city to have them join the Sultan’s army. Vlad refuses this offer, but the Ottoman Sultan’s army threaten him with a battle. Vlad desperately goes back to Broke Tooth Mountain in seek of the vampire creature in the cave to gain the power and help he needs to defeat the opposing army. The vampire gives Vlad the offer of becoming a vampire forever or only having vampiric powers for three days, but it is up to Vlad’s actions to decide his fate. Dracula Untold has mixed reviews online and overall, I could say that there are parts that needed improvement. I would recommend this movie to anyone that is able to get into the history and enjoys horror films. Ultimately, it is up to you to watch Dracula Untold to find out what happens to Vlad and if he becomes a vampire or not!

Kingdom Hearts Timeline, and explanations! – By Kyle Melendez


For those interested in the video game franchise of Kingdom Hearts, you know basically the whole story is confusing since the story is spread across several games and multiple systems..

But just in luck , Kh-insider teamed up with GameTrailers to make a series of videos that help fans understand the mystery behind the franchise.

They even have a whole Timeline of the series, explaining the story line of all the games that some fans don’t understand.

I’d pretty much recommend this to any Kingdom hearts fan. It took me a while to understand the connection Sora has to everyone. Not to mention other things such how Kairi can wield a key blade.

Here is the first in the series explaining the timeline.:

The second in the series describing the mystery of time travel:—episode-one–time-travel

The third so far describing the connection to Sora:—episode-two–call-me-sora

Nutrition Fair

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Thursday March 26th, 2015 at Valencia’s East Campus the students held a nutrition fair. March is National Nutrition month and the fair was to bring awareness of nutrition and healthy foods we all should be eating. It was also to bring awareness to healthy eating habits and healthy weight. Not only are certain foods unhealthy for you, but also how much or how little you eat. Eating disorders are a huge concern in society today with beauty standards as people are becoming anorexic and bulimic to achieve a certain weight. It is very unhealthy to stop eating or throwing up your food in order to obtain a certain waist size because we are supposed to have a certain percentage of proteins and calorie intakes with meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, sugars, etc.

The fair was very insightful to spread awareness of healthy and unhealthy food habits. The were also giving away free yogurt, a healthy snack to have on the go which many people should do. We always bring a fruit to school whether it be a banana or apple and sometimes a sandwich or granola bar to go with it because you should not be skipping any meals. It is very important to be eating 3 meals a day with a few snacks in between. We should be eating a snack or meal every two hours and having a snack is very good because it also keeps your blood sugar high so you will not pass out from low blood sugar.

Also, if you Valencia Students did not know we have what is called Pooky’s Pantry where a Valencia student with a valid I.D. can go and get a few snacks for free like a juice, chips, crackers, etc. It’s a free snack for anyone who can not afford to buy lunch or needs a little food while at school because no one should be going hungry.

Pictures taken by Mai Son