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Pokemon pancakes! – Spotlight – By Kyle Melendez


So I cam across an article that turned the original 151 Pokemon into pancakes!

It’s a really interesting video and thought it would make some of you cheer up on a bad day!

Heres the link for more info!


Paper Towns Review!- By Kyle Melendez


Paper Towns is a magnificent book written by the famous author/Youtuber John Green.

If you don’t know he is the author of the book, The Fault in Our stars which was made into a motion picture and coming this summer, Paper towns will also receive the same treatment.

This book follows the journey of Quentin Jacobsen and his friends as well Margo Roth Spiegelman.

Margo sets out for a revenge spree one night, with Quentin her childhood friend who sort of has a thing for her. After a night of mischief and fun Margo disappears leaving really subliminal clues to where she is.

Quentin decides to follow the messages no matter what to be reunited with with Margo.

It is a truly an adventure with his two best friends Ben and Radar, a lot of it is very interesting and truly has you asking where is Margo?

Once you think you have found her, it ends up going to another paper town.

This book is pretty great, not as great as The fault in Our Stars, but definitely one of John Greens best works.

Overall I give this book a 9/10 and recommend it to anyone who wants loves the adventure genre.

There are a lot more interesting details but you’ll just have to read to find out.

Grace’s Guide – The art of pretending to be a grown up! -Review


If you don’t know there is a very amazing Youtuber called it’sGrace!

She is a very hilarious woman that can literally make a joke about anything. These skills eventually brought her up to write her own book .In the book she begins detailing life experiences and how she handled them , or at least how she could have handled them. Hilarious as some situations can be , they do give plenty of insight on situations people face.

Hilariously enough the book’s title is the Art of trying to be a grown up.

Essentially being a adult is unique and can be an art since we are all different.

This book relates to me and other Young adults due to it’s sense of humor. It’s a great read for a laugh, or if you need some advice on just where things are going for your life.This book has such a variety of topics its great!

For instance she even describes the balance of what you should do and not do online and how to keep that split between personal life and things the internet really doesn’t need to know.

She gives advice on how to handle breaks ups,

How to prepare for job interviews.

She also give insight on travel tips and what to take.

Over all this is a great book , it is very helpful and well as very cheery and uplifting

This book gets a score of 10/10 for me. Though definitely check it out yourself!

Should you Choose iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?- By Kyle Melendez


Both of these phones have brought one major question to consumers. Should buy should I buy the plus or the 6?

I personally bought the 6 plus and upgraded from a regular iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 is great option and is a great upgrade from any older model, however getting the plus and the regular size vary’s in experience.

I love the 6 Plus due to it being perfect size to watch videos, Take videos and pictures ( since it has a better quality camera) and the battery life is improved insanely compared to my last phone. Unlike my old phone this battery lasts me the whole day and part of another one with heavy use.

iPhone 6 I determine though is better in terms of being a phone. Overall the size of the 6 is slightly larger than that of the 5 and 5s and is just big enough to see the screen better and not be to big as to fit in one hands. Essentially it’s a perfect fit in terms of phone.

When I make calls on my 6 Plus I often had to put it close to my ear to hear anything. Even then I honestly feel like it is just a little harder to talk on the phone. While using my friends 6, I was able to hear everything clearly.

In my honest opinion they are both great phones but if you are actually looking for a phone, I would go for an iPhone 6. It’s just the perfect comfortable size between a 5 and a 6 plus.

If you are looking more of a dual type device I would recommend the Plus it’s a great device with a better camera and is the perfect mix between an iPhone and a iPad.

Star vs. The forces of Evil!- Review – Kyle Melendez


This cartoon by Disney is the second cartoon that just makes me bust out laughing.

Back story- A Princess named Star Butterfly is sent to another dimension with a magical wand that just spells out magic and lives with a boy named normal earth boy named Marco Diaz. This is funny because they are completely opposite from each other , Star loves to beat up monsters and be dangerous. However Marco is the quiet boy who is voted most safest in school.

Together they both match for a whole thing of fun.

This series is just so random and acts a lot on impulse, the things that happen are so unexpected you just jolt out laughing. There are so many things in this are unique as well such as dimensional scissors , Princess Pony Head and puppies that shoot laser beams!

This show is great to watch and I can’t wait for more episodes to get released in the future! Overall i give it a 10/10

Here is the intro for the show! it airs on Disney XD! it’s pretty self explanatory.

Even though the series just released , it already has about 4 whole episodes.

Pokemon Tcg (Gameboy) Review- By Kyle Melendez


As you could tell by now I love Pokemon.

Today I wanted to share a review about one of my favorite games ever!

This game was released in 2000 and it a great way to get the basics of the Pokemon Trading card game.

I love card games , Sure I may not understand the concepts quickly but eventually, I end up really enjoying the game.

Which led me to come cross this game when I was young. I never learned how to play it but I fell IN LOVE with this soundtrack. It’s honestly one of the best 8-bit sounds Ive ever listened to.

Now back to the card game, this game instructs you on the basics of the Pokemon trading card game with a simple plot.

You start of with a basic deck and must duel 8 Club masters to receive all 8 medals and then Duel against 4 Grand masters to receive the 4 legendary cards.

This game has a basic plot similar to the main Pokemon franchise with you having a rival named Ronald and basically is the same as beating 8 gym leaders and going against the elite four.

What’s more interesting is that it all depends on many factors for you win such as who goes first , How many energy cards you need for an attack and what type you are using. The variances in the deck are for you to compose by collecting cards at the clubs and making your own deck.

Even though this game was released almost 15 years ago, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning the card game , since you can go to actual competitions in real life and earn real badges.

Overall i give this game a 10/10- The plot isn’t much, But the feel and music will get you interested into enjoying it.

Here’s a funny old commercial for it-

Sailor Moon Crystal Review!- By Kyle Melendez


Sailor Moon a franchise that is one of the most famous anime’s in the magical girl genre

Has yet again come out with a new series , closely resembling more of the manga in comparison to the original 1992 series.

Basic information- an evil entity named Queen Metalia attacked the Silver Millennium- (the Moon kingdom)

Which led the Queen (Queen Serenity) to send Princess Serenity and the other four sailor guardians to be reborn in a different era. However things happen and evil rises once again. Usagi (princess serenity) ends up becoming sailor moon one of the most powerful guardians among Sailor Mars,Jupiter,Venus and Mercury. Together they must save earth from various evils while regaining their memories of the past.

This anime is a lot more different since the manga has many different variations of things that happen in the story.

Over all The art is beautiful and brings true justice to Naoko Takeuchi’s designs. The plot however is much more of a cliff hanger which leads me to enjoy the art more than the actual story.

The Music does not compare at all to the amazing catchy transformation and attack music of the original series. The music in Crystal is overall bland and scarce with it feeling like they could use more variation instead of the same music for the last two arcs.

Errors- So far I have seen a lot of art errors in the series , however one major error in the series was vastly noticeable with her using the Moon Stick for Moon princess halation.

The release schedule for every episode is every two weeks which is torture when it comes to each episode being a cliff hanger.

On the Bright side, the original voice of Sailor Moon returns for this series! 🙂

I believe this is to encourage people to buy the Blue ray release.

Over all i would give Sailor Moon Crystal a 7/10 for it’s art being very beautiful, However it could use some of work in terms of it release schedule and music to improve the feel.

Here is the premise trailer for it!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Show’s to express yourself! – by Kyle Melendez


Today , I wanted to introduce you to a Famous Japanese Singer/ Artist

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is an amazing performer / singer that rose to even more popularity after her Japanese single PonPonPon was released on youtube.

Kyary has a sense of style that is really creative and inspires fantasy and creativity , not just in her outfits just in her music.

When Kyary was little , she would like to dress in her own style. While unique, her parents weren’t very happy about that and would make he dress more normal before she left the house. Sometimes she would come home to find out her mother had thrown some of her accessories away.

Despite this she became a fashion blogger as well as a model in Japan. After her release of Pon Pon Pon she ended up singing more music and rose to international fame.

The thing I love most about her is the fact that she is never scared to be herself. She always expresses positive messages in her song and has very creative videos that help express that message in nontraditional, weird ways. For instance the english lyrics to Pon Pon say it’s boring to be like everyone else , just create your own path and follow your own rhythm. Her creativity between her and her team is beyond anything that iv’e seen.

In one of her concerts she says that she’s happy to see people of all ages at her show , and that she will keep trying to create this amazing fantasy for her fans!

The fact that she believes in herself and is always happy because of it inspires me to not worry about what other people say and just be happy about being who I am.

If you love varying genres of music , especially pop you will love Kyary she is by far the most catchiest artist Iv’e ever listen to.  There is not one song I don’t like.

Here is one of her videos that describes going into another chapter in life , something a lot of us are going through.

Steven Universe Review! by -Kyle Melendez


You’re probably asking yourself why I’m reviewing a cartoon. Well this cartoon is strangely unique and purely amazing!

Steven Universe follows the adventures and characters of Mainly 4 crystal gems called Garnet , Amethyst , Pearl and last but not least Steven. Though this series they uncover the mystery of gem’s and have fun adventures that are very interesting with music that is fantastic!

Steven universe is one of those cartoons that mix mystery , adventure and just make you feel good about being yourself. Not to mention This is one of only two cartoons that make me bust out laughing with funny situations and extremely expressive voice acting.

This cartoon is really amazing in terms of how it make you feel good about being yourself. Steven is a half human half gem and inherits his mother’s gem. While being half human and not being as old as the other gems , he always finds himself not knowing how to use his gem which leads to him not feeling as useful as the others. What is special is he always finds a way to make it work , and always sees the beauty of the situation no matter how hard or how difficult it seems, he has faith he can save day.

The art style is just gorgeous with it feeling very imaginative and light colors, with music that is subtle at times but is perfect for the situations imposed.

This show also has a plot that is very interesting with where the gems originated and fight scenes that involve fusions of gems and the various lore of monsters and corrupted gems.

This animation is wonderful and if you’re in the mood for a laugh , good art work to look at , or just want to feel good about being yourself this show is definitely for you.

Here is the intro which gives off an automatic feel for how sweet the show is !

Kingdom Hearts Timeline, and explanations! – By Kyle Melendez


For those interested in the video game franchise of Kingdom Hearts, you know basically the whole story is confusing since the story is spread across several games and multiple systems..

But just in luck , Kh-insider teamed up with GameTrailers to make a series of videos that help fans understand the mystery behind the franchise.

They even have a whole Timeline of the series, explaining the story line of all the games that some fans don’t understand.

I’d pretty much recommend this to any Kingdom hearts fan. It took me a while to understand the connection Sora has to everyone. Not to mention other things such how Kairi can wield a key blade.

Here is the first in the series explaining the timeline.:

The second in the series describing the mystery of time travel:—episode-one–time-travel

The third so far describing the connection to Sora:—episode-two–call-me-sora