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Until Next Time by Carolyne Pérez

I walked past you

and I smelled your fragrance

I try not to stare

But your scent is so appealing

From the moment I laid my eyes on you

I knew you would be mine

You gave my stomach these feelings

When our paths crossed

It’s music to my ears

When I hear about you

I crave to have you

Steamy, and hot

Wishing I could lay my hands

On your tender, brown skin

Sinking my teeth

In that juicy flesh

Once I have that first taste

I don’t want to let go

Such succulent flavor

The best I’ve had so far

You are entirely mine

And nothing can change that

As much as I enjoyed you

I can’t believe we’re already finished

Until next time, my delicious pork chop


Valencia Resources

Many students find that there are resources in Valencia College that have gone unheard of.

Within these resources is the Academic Success Center. Located downstairs at building 4, the ASC has over twenty rooms which offer aid for every single Valencia student. The writing center, math center, group study rooms, computers, calculators, printers and tutoring are available.

Communications center/ writing center: With the writing center, students are able to turn in their essays, reports, short answer assignments, etc. for a review. The writing center will look over the piece of writing, and will correct and proof read the paper. Other help they provide is for speech production, computer software and class labs. VID, print card, typed paper and knowing the course name and number and the name of the instructor. are required in order to proceed with the session. Writing consultations are by appointment and walk-in for developmental reading and writing students through

Math center: The math center offers help with, yes, you got it, math. From college algebra, to intermediate algebra, students who once took these courses or excelled at them, tutor and help with any home works and lessons. They not only provide face to face tutoring, but also online. Besides tutoring, they are specialized to work with students to practice and pass the math PERT test. Calculator check outs are also available for a four hour time period.


  • Math workshops schedule located in Math Center main desk
  • Hands on help with homework, tests, and practice
  • Calculator check outs

Group study rooms: These rooms can be “checked out” for any students that may want to study with other individuals. It can be used for as long as needed, unless there are other requests coinciding.

Computers: Just as the upstairs library, there are computers in the ASC that provide the service of printing. Although some computers are reserved for tutoring only, there are over fifty desktops.

Sign language tutoring: This serves as an aid for anyone pursuing to learn sign language fluently.

Foreign language tutoring: This service is offered to students taking a Spanish, French or German language class. Through here, students may be given help in any of the previously mentioned languages.

Other resources not many Valencia students are aware of:

  • Free Microsoft 2013 software: located in your Valencia outlook email.
  • Pookie’s pantry: Located in building 5 in the student development office, students are allowed to collect five items by simply showing their VID and current student detail schedule.
  • My career planner: in personal atlas account, under My Life Map. Students take free tests which will allow them to choose which careers relate best to their personalities, values, passions, drives and interests.
  • Academic refresher: during the beginning of the freshman semester of college, the ASC offers a refresher in academics overall, to prepare for the upcoming courses and tweak areas of acdemic weakness.

For more information about the Academic Success Center in Building 4 downstairs go to:

Short Career Editorial

Making a choice on your career is not just a choice for now, it’s for life.

Can you imagine yourself working the next twenty, thirty, forty years on what you are currently majoring on? Imagine yourself waking up in the morning. Will you be dreading the ride to work all on its own? What was the actual reason you chose the career you chose, money or happiness?

If you really desire to help people, choose a job the will help someone. Whether it’s a doctor, a policeman, the president of the United States or a teacher, if helping is something you are passionate about, why not pursue a career that will do just that? If you have a passion for art, drawing, designing, or doodling, why not pursue a career that will allow you to express yourself while making money? Sometimes it is not entirely about the fact that you will make over $70,000 a year. Sometimes, it’s just about making a career of something that won’t feel like you are waking up with a daily regret. A career should be based upon a craving or passion. As human beings, we seek happiness. Where is the happiness in a career that just gives you money, but no desire to wake up the next day? Many say that money can buy happiness. In a sense, it is true, but don’t you want to make money, buy things that make you happy, but BE happy while you make that money? Questions like these should arise in everyone’s mind. Choosing what to do with the rest of our lives is a critical, and probably the most important decision we have to make as young adults.  Many times we have questions upon what to do, but the answer is simple:

Do what will make you ecstatic to wake up the next day.

By: Carolyne Perez

Tips For Saving – College students and Young Adults by Carolyne Perez

Tips for saving money:

  • Instead of taking out a percentage of your paycheck, take out an amount so that you are consistent on your saving. Paychecks are not always a steady amount, so a percentage would not be as efficient in the long run.
  • The amount of money you save is really up to you. Analyze the way you spend: If you know you are going to spend over half of it on useless things or mostly “fun” take out a larger amount. Saving is all on you, if it’s really a big problem in your life, face it. Don’t try to cover it up or ignore the issue because it can grow and be more difficult to overcome.
  • Stay away from using your money on non-priority things. Priority spending includes bills, fees, groceries, car payments, or rent.
  • Nobody is saying not to have fun, but if you noticed at the end of the week, over 50% of your income is spent on going out, buying food, buying yourself clothes, etc. then there needs to be a change.
  • Managing your money is critical. At the moment, if you are not paying large bills such as house rent or electricity/water bills then you should arrange what you are spending and saving so that the day those bills come into play, you are prepared.
  • Think about the future. What you do now will most certainly affect the future whether it is in a small way, or a significant way. Be realistic, nobody knows you like you know yourself. Set goals and be determined to complete them.
  • Give the money to someone who is trustworthy. They can keep the money aside. Count the money and record the amount somewhere if you are still uneasy about giving out your own money. One important thing is that you absolutely, under any circumstance (unless an emergency) make sure that person does not release the money back to you.
  • As embarrassing as you may think it is, go couponing. Places such as CVS, Walgreens, Winn-Dixie and Publix are the best places to go couponing. Buy the newspaper every Sunday and keep yourself posted on sales, do the math and save lots of money. Sometimes items including toothpaste, pasta, shampoo and granola bars come out to be free. A bit of time adding numbers, goes a long way.
  • Cook at home and eat leftovers. It is much better to eat at home because the price of the ingredients totals up to less than using up gas and going out to eat at Panera or Chipotle. You can brush up on your cooking skills and at the same time, save yourself a couple of dollars at once.
  • Keep track of your spending on a budget sheet or planner. Seeing what you are spending physically is much better than planning it out on your head. It’s not just budgeting, it’s actually applying the budget and sticking to it. Writing it down will force yourself to apply your proposition.
  • Preferences aren’t always the best choice and searching for the best deals can go a long way. Publix may constantly have buy one get one free specials when in reality Wal-Mart may have that exact same product a few cents cheaper. But hey, pennies, dimes and nickels add up eventually,
  • Don’t go for brand clothing just to look good. Cheaper brands can look just as good as brand clothing, sometimes even better. Also, don’t be afraid to try a generic brand because most of the time they are the exact same product, just a less expensive version.

How to celebrate holidays on September 22.

According to, these are the national holidays on September 22:

Business Women’s Day:

Go hug a business woman.

Appreciate a businesswoman or being one.

Go into an office and give flowers to all the women in there.

Watch The Office series and laugh lots.

Car Free Day:

Dream about getting a free car.

Enter a raffle ticket in a nearby contest, in hopes that you will actually win one.

Realize that MOST LIKELY nobody in America received a free car.

Dear Diary Day:

Pull up the diary in which you wrote ten, maybe twenty years ago.

Laugh at the way you wrote and at the misconception of “you’re” and “your.”

Wonder why you never had a diary or journal as a child.

Read a Junie B. Jones book.

Buy yourself a diary just to have something written on September 22, 2014.

Elephant Appreciation Day:

Draw elephants.

Obsess over elephants.

Go to the nearest zoo.

Search up pictures of elephants on Google and make one of them your wallpaper.

Watch Youtube videos of elephants taking showers.

National Ice Cream Cone Day:

Buy some ice cream.

Eat some ice cream.

Crave more ice cream.

National White Chocolate Day:

Either love white chocolate or hate white chocolate.

Look up how white chocolate is even made.

Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

And those are some ways to celebrate the September 22nd holidays. 🙂

Flashback Thursday by Carolyne Perez

On September 4th, 2014 new coming students traveled around in sections with different clubs and organizations to make their college experience a “trip to remember.” Students gathered passports which were stamped according to the varying stations they attended. Upon the spending of stickers, students received a sandwich or T-shirt. Not only food and souvenirs were given, but also singing, dancing or rapping by brave performers including When Eyes Can’t See. Club Day is an event specified to introduce groups in which Valencia students could associate with. Some clubs and organizations included Valencia Dance, Student Government Association, Fearless Leaders Stand Out, Pop Culture and UFit.

We have basketball in both East Campus and Osceola Campus. This fall semester we have a new league. We are also going to have a six team suite. You can create your own team, or you can join any team as a free agent, you just have to go to the Iron Leagues webpage create your account as a Valencia student and you’re good to go. said Joao Avila (UFit Organizer).

Another club that was represented on this day was Valencia Earth Science Association (VESA).

On Tuesdays we meet from 1-2pm. We are basically the environmental group in campus in which we promote sustainability and raise awareness about the Earth and issues that are affecting it. Delaney Richter (VESA Leader).

Other clubs previously mentioned brought out members to give a brief account of what they do for fun or awareness. There are a variety of clubs students can join. Refer to to look more into more clubs.