Sailor Moon Crystal Review!- By Kyle Melendez


Sailor Moon a franchise that is one of the most famous anime’s in the magical girl genre

Has yet again come out with a new series , closely resembling more of the manga in comparison to the original 1992 series.

Basic information- an evil entity named Queen Metalia attacked the Silver Millennium- (the Moon kingdom)

Which led the Queen (Queen Serenity) to send Princess Serenity and the other four sailor guardians to be reborn in a different era. However things happen and evil rises once again. Usagi (princess serenity) ends up becoming sailor moon one of the most powerful guardians among Sailor Mars,Jupiter,Venus and Mercury. Together they must save earth from various evils while regaining their memories of the past.

This anime is a lot more different since the manga has many different variations of things that happen in the story.

Over all The art is beautiful and brings true justice to Naoko Takeuchi’s designs. The plot however is much more of a cliff hanger which leads me to enjoy the art more than the actual story.

The Music does not compare at all to the amazing catchy transformation and attack music of the original series. The music in Crystal is overall bland and scarce with it feeling like they could use more variation instead of the same music for the last two arcs.

Errors- So far I have seen a lot of art errors in the series , however one major error in the series was vastly noticeable with her using the Moon Stick for Moon princess halation.

The release schedule for every episode is every two weeks which is torture when it comes to each episode being a cliff hanger.

On the Bright side, the original voice of Sailor Moon returns for this series! 🙂

I believe this is to encourage people to buy the Blue ray release.

Over all i would give Sailor Moon Crystal a 7/10 for it’s art being very beautiful, However it could use some of work in terms of it release schedule and music to improve the feel.

Here is the premise trailer for it!