Pokemon Tcg (Gameboy) Review- By Kyle Melendez


As you could tell by now I love Pokemon.

Today I wanted to share a review about one of my favorite games ever!

This game was released in 2000 and it a great way to get the basics of the Pokemon Trading card game.

I love card games , Sure I may not understand the concepts quickly but eventually, I end up really enjoying the game.

Which led me to come cross this game when I was young. I never learned how to play it but I fell IN LOVE with this soundtrack. It’s honestly one of the best 8-bit sounds Ive ever listened to.

Now back to the card game, this game instructs you on the basics of the Pokemon trading card game with a simple plot.

You start of with a basic deck and must duel 8 Club masters to receive all 8 medals and then Duel against 4 Grand masters to receive the 4 legendary cards.

This game has a basic plot similar to the main Pokemon franchise with you having a rival named Ronald and basically is the same as beating 8 gym leaders and going against the elite four.

What’s more interesting is that it all depends on many factors for you win such as who goes first , How many energy cards you need for an attack and what type you are using. The variances in the deck are for you to compose by collecting cards at the clubs and making your own deck.

Even though this game was released almost 15 years ago, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning the card game , since you can go to actual competitions in real life and earn real badges.

Overall i give this game a 10/10- The plot isn’t much, But the feel and music will get you interested into enjoying it.

Here’s a funny old commercial for it-