Why ISIS why now?

Has anyone else been wondering recently where ISIS came from and how long they have been around? Well ISIS has been around since 2004, when an extremist was allowed to formally join Al-Queda and became recognized as the leader in Iraq. These close ties kept ISIS mostly just a part of Al-Queda and with the US forces antiterrorist troops eliminating most of the high ups in ISIS the group stayed somewhat small. In 2011 however, the withdrawl of troops and pressure on ISIS as well as conflict with Al-Queda sparked a new leadership and new ideas. ISIS now wanted to step out of Al-Quedas shadow, although they had the same goals to achieve for the end, how they planned to get there seemed to differ. ISIS leadership plans to take control of Syria, Iraq, and other neighboring countries and use their power to start religious wars until their extremist Muslim view is shared by the entire world. Where they differ from Al-Queda though, is they believe that their sharing of brutal videos and proof of their brutality is the better path to successfully taking control.

They also do not have much preference for who they kill, they have killed many muslims who just aren’t sunni extremists like themselves. ISIS like any other power hungry terrorist movement gets alot of attention from the media, however this has seemed to only benefit them in their recruiting process. ISIS should be fought more than they are written about, as they have dangerous ideas and goals and should not be allowed to pursue them any farther, i believe the world should step in before they  allow to gain any more power. ISIS can be a threat to America and to everyone but the news outlets giving it so much attention only seems to scare the people more, for an organization that has been around so long, the recent attention seems a little bit forced by the news media and should not be as glamorized.


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