The Duff Movie Review

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Feburary 20th, 2015 The Duff was released into theaters. The term Duff is interpreted as the Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The main character, Bianca, is an intelligent senior enjoying her final year of high school with her friends Jess and Casey. Bianca does not conform to society’s standards of beauty as she dresses how she seems fit. In the movie, Bianca attends a party with her friends where she runs into Wes, her former friend and neighbor. He refers her as his favorite “Duff” which he then explains how she is the designated ugly fat friend as Jess and Casey are more attractive and popular than she is. He tells her how everyone just uses her in order to get closer to her friends.

Throughout the movie Bianca try to transform herself out of being a duff with the help of the star football player, Wes. In exchange, Bianca helps Wes into passing his chemistry test so he can play football again. Bianca changes her wardrobe entirely and drops her best friends Jess and Casey in order to get her crush, Toby, to go out with her. In the end, Bianca saw that the guy she liked was only using her to get close to her friends. She changed herself for someone that did not like her and she realized that everyone was a duff. She was no different than Jess, Casey, Toby, or Wes. Bianca does reunite with her friends again and she ends up with Wes who finally saw Bianca the way she saw herself.

The film was very enjoyable and hilarious and we were throughly entertained. It was the typical teen high school movie just a more modern type. The movie was to show that everyone is a duff. You do not have to be ugly or fat, but you are or know someone that is the friend being used by others whether it be just to have someone to talk to, get closer to someone else, or to showcase their talent or beauty over yours. This is what happens not only in high school, but in college, the workplace, etc. People use each other to get what they want, but this film showed how to embrace yourself and not to change who you are to please others.