How To Make A Better Résumé-By Corey

A good resume is what we all believe will get us a foot in the door and will help give us a chance to interview for a potential job. Once you get to the interview the skills needed there are much different than those which you have learned for you resume. So lets focus on the resume, what are the key parts and how do you make it appealing? Well a good resume will look appealing and will be created with an understanding of how it will be looked at. Chances are your resume will only be looked at for a short period of time, in most cases just around 30 seconds. So how do you make it impress in just that short period of time? You should do your best to make sure your resume looks and feels good, this means that you need to pay close attention to formatting and also to your printing process, a resume should be printed on quality paper with a quality printer. A resume can take many different formats, but make sure if you use a template that you follow it and keep it consistent, inconsistency will hurt your resume. Another thing to note is the most important info is to be put at the top or bottom as those are the most likely spots to be read as often times the resume is looked up and down. Important things to make sure are on your resume are contact information, work experience, education, skills, honors and awards, leadership positions, and activities and interests. There may be seem to be a lot to put, but try to keep it to one page and only note the most relevant and impressive information. Besides the look, feel, and content of the resume there are other ways to make it stand out such as adding a cover letter, many employers may see that as going the extra mile. Or if you are not much of a wiz in word or programs like that but can design an elegant and original resume on other programs trying that can really make you stand out. Prezi or other slide based programs can give you a way to separate your information strongly and emphasize the most important info the right way, as well as allowing you to show examples of your work. These can make your resume much more personal and also give a creative way to design it around the job you are applying for. Making sure to make your resume different as it applies to different jobs will also help you be successful in making a better resume. A great resume can be created by showcasing what you have done that is important and you of all people should be able to tell those stories. Making sure your content and formatting are strong will ensure a good resume and thinking outside of the box a bit may just help your chances.


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