Nutrition Fair

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

On Thursday March 26th, 2015 at Valencia’s East Campus the students held a nutrition fair. March is National Nutrition month and the fair was to bring awareness of nutrition and healthy foods we all should be eating. It was also to bring awareness to healthy eating habits and healthy weight. Not only are certain foods unhealthy for you, but also how much or how little you eat. Eating disorders are a huge concern in society today with beauty standards as people are becoming anorexic and bulimic to achieve a certain weight. It is very unhealthy to stop eating or throwing up your food in order to obtain a certain waist size because we are supposed to have a certain percentage of proteins and calorie intakes with meat, bread, fruits, vegetables, sugars, etc.

The fair was very insightful to spread awareness of healthy and unhealthy food habits. The were also giving away free yogurt, a healthy snack to have on the go which many people should do. We always bring a fruit to school whether it be a banana or apple and sometimes a sandwich or granola bar to go with it because you should not be skipping any meals. It is very important to be eating 3 meals a day with a few snacks in between. We should be eating a snack or meal every two hours and having a snack is very good because it also keeps your blood sugar high so you will not pass out from low blood sugar.

Also, if you Valencia Students did not know we have what is called Pooky’s Pantry where a Valencia student with a valid I.D. can go and get a few snacks for free like a juice, chips, crackers, etc. It’s a free snack for anyone who can not afford to buy lunch or needs a little food while at school because no one should be going hungry.

Pictures taken by Mai Son