Kingdom Hearts Timeline, and explanations! – By Kyle Melendez


For those interested in the video game franchise of Kingdom Hearts, you know basically the whole story is confusing since the story is spread across several games and multiple systems..

But just in luck , Kh-insider teamed up with GameTrailers to make a series of videos that help fans understand the mystery behind the franchise.

They even have a whole Timeline of the series, explaining the story line of all the games that some fans don’t understand.

I’d pretty much recommend this to any Kingdom hearts fan. It took me a while to understand the connection Sora has to everyone. Not to mention other things such how Kairi can wield a key blade.

Here is the first in the series explaining the timeline.:

The second in the series describing the mystery of time travel:—episode-one–time-travel

The third so far describing the connection to Sora:—episode-two–call-me-sora