Recommended Read: Unwind- by Kyle Melendez


The Book Unwind is a thriller written by Neal Shusterman.

This book is fiction and tells an interesting tale of three young kids on the run to escape being unwound. A problem society has become accustomed to and is a result of a second civil war. Being unwound is basically using kids who are parents don’t want, or choose to have , get sent off to get their vitals taken out and used for other people.

It is more of  a dark book but is a real thriller , in terms you can compare it somewhat to a hunger games but in normal society like our own. This book kept me on my edge with unexpected events happening every page I read. As well as the flow between all the characters gives break enough to keep the reader wondering about what the other half is facing.

If your into fiction and like a semi dark story this is the book for you. It will keep you interested from beginning to end and will make you more connected with these characters that are just the same as us.


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