Mighty Switch Force! 1 and 2!- By Kyle Melendez

Mighty_Switch_Force_Logo 2457850-8575250975_ff1fb05a84_b

I’d like to recommend a really good platforming game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii u called Mighty Switch Force! and Mighty Switch force 2!.

The game features a cyborg officer called Patricia Wagon who’s mission is to collect escaped criminals, by platforming and blasting or dousing enemies.

The main goal of switch force is to beat the stage by switching platforms on the screen and blasting enemies to obtain the criminals that have escaped through out the stage with in the set amount of time. Platforms are switched and things switch up when in Switch force 2, this is when she becomes a fire fighter with new elements implemented into the game .Features such as putting out fires and overloading enemies with water,as well as her blaster becomes a firefighter hose.

Both games are featured on the Nintendo 3ds but also have a Hyper Drive edition with a slightly different art style and remixes of the 3ds soundtrack.

This a very fun game but has a phenomenal soundtrack , I find myself listening to both 1 and 2 soundtracks, They give off a mixture of 8-bit, EDM and Dubstep. If you don’t have a 3ds or wii u I highly recommend you buy this soundtrack is is amazing!

They have been on sale recently for very cheap as well.

Here are the trailers for both games!

Mighty Switch Force!


Mighty Switch Force 2


The artist who made the soundtrack has worked on other titles as well. His link is below



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