Direct Connect to UCF at West Campus

At first sight, it looked like people having a courtyard party or a very fun picnic of some sort outside building eleven, but upon further inspection it became obvious that most of the people were wearing the famous navy blue UCF polo shirts. On this day, Tuesday, March 3rd volunteers from Valencia’s transfer program, Direct Connect to UCF, were hosting an event for future students of the University of Central Florida, students who are already enrolled there, and students who are thinking about it.

For UCF students there were booths that presented solutions and helpful as to how to deal with situations they face every day. One booth that caught my attention was about anxiety, how it can effect a person mentally, academically, and even health wise. It explained what the causes of anxiety were such as procrastination, tests, relationships, and money, and how to manage everything so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and anxious. Another booth that amused me because of its title was the “What are you touching?” booth, where students were warned against surfaces that host bacteria, germs, and viruses. Hand sanitizer was available for everyone who passed by especially the ones who actually read the information and became paranoid by all the harmful substances we come into contact with every single day.

As for students whom are not yet enrolled in the Direct Connect program there was a whole herd of UCF students happy to receive their questions and ease their worries. Whether they were wondering how different it would be from Valencia, what the requirements are, or why not choose a different university the volunteers were their to help.

Overall it was a very positive and welcoming environment. A place that usually only has a couple people passing through at a time was suddenly filled with life and activity. I hope this event is reoccurring because it has the potential to inspire people like me to  further their education and success.