The Importance Of Being On Time

As a child my mother always made sure that I was scheduled for appropriate times and always made sure I was ready no matter what it was. I would always go the dentists on weekend or before school for example and we would always make sure to be early, this way I got in faster and didn’t lose my appointment for being late. Growing up I didn’t appreciate all the help along the way, early in high school I thought I was the reason I was on time, but my brother and mother being there to wake up with me definitely aided in the process. Later in my junior and senior year I was hitting the snooze button on my alarm or hardly rolling out of bed with no motivation to move as if time was urgent. Some days I missed school because I missed the bus others I just barely made it and thought nothing of it. But once I started going to college it was clear to me that being prompt was key and often times allowing myself more sleep meant taking time from another morning routine. Once I joined bridges and was told I wasn’t supposed to be late to any classes I understood there was a pattern, if you aren’t early then you are late. Class starts at 10:00 and I get there at 10:00 im late because class started at 10:00:00 and I know I wasn’t on time to the second. By being early, for example get there at 9:59 I am both early and on time. So why is it so important to be on time? Being late is disrespectful to those who you are meeting with, if it’s work you are telling your boss you think something else is more important, meeting with a friend for lunch, your saying that your time is more important than there time is. It is polite and smart to be early and be prepared for what you are about to do, as the only thing we can never get back is time, once it is spent there is no getting it back, plan ahead and be prepared, if you make a commitment follow through.