Suggested Manga to read! For anime and Manga lovers- Kyle Melendez

One of the things I love doing it reading Manga. It is one of the things that is really interesting since its basically Japanese comics.

Here are a couple of Manga I suggest you read that are pretty good in my opinion.

Pokemon Adventures!


This series has several different arcs spanning over the whole video game franchise.

For instance there is Red and Yellow arcs based on the name of the video games and each have their own unique personality and storyline! The best part is the stories all cross together eventually bringing together the big picture! and plot for the Kanto and Johto Regions.

The reason I suggest this is that it give a new spin to the classic video game plot.

The art style is literally too perfect in my opinion , it gives the classic art style of the original red and blue games and reminds me of the classic hand drawn art styles of back in the day in comparison to today’s computer animation.

If your a Pokemon fan looking to revisit a classic story with many plot twists and interesting new spins on characters, Definitely check this out it Spans a lot of arcs and volumes.



This story is a relatable tale of trying to find acceptance.

The story consists of 4 human children that were mysteriously born with animal abilities such as the ability to have crow wings to fly. These Children go forth on a journey just living live and trying to find a place to call home.  Through these adventures they meet more +Anima and tell a lot of the back stories of these children and why they have mysterious abilities. It it extremely interesting an I found my self  relating to the characters and always anticipating what would happen next in the story line!

This Manga spans 10 volumes.

Megaman NT Warrior!

This manga is a spinoff of the original Megaman franchise with Megaman being a Net Navi or digital being working with a human partner , instead of being the famous robot.  This is based off the internet ageMegaman_NT_Warrior_volume1

The basis plot is the story of Lan Hikari a Net battler that participates in a lot of battle and competitions, Until problems occur on the Net due to the various main antagonists, together with his friends Lan and Megaman try’s to restore peace to the Net!

This story is interesting because of the various sub arcs that happen in the manga , from the classic WWW or Dr. Wily’s arc , to Nebula’s arc and the Cyber Beast arcs. Each have their own unique story line and many amazing transformations and abilities!

The story is very action packed and spans around 13 volumes.