Many measure success by financial situation, but the pressure put on young people to be wealthy and find success with a job title is often times distracting to the young people with a different idea of success. Success does not always have to come with money or a degree success has to come from within. The only way a person can truly be successful is if they accomplish the things they want to, and strive to do better and be better no matter what it is they are striving towards. Often times career goals and financial goals can be part of success but once those are achieved there is normally no overwhelming feeling of success or completion. If you want to find success you must not think about one or two tasks that will instantly make you a successful person, but find things that you feel better yourself overall and make you a better person. Helping others often times can give a feeling of success as you feel you have made a difference in another persons life.

One of the moments I felt the most successful was when I helped host multiple charity events for a little girl with cancer, she was getting a free cruise from another charity source but the money for many expenses were not included. Her parents having paid for many very specific and expensive treatments, were unsure they could afford these expenses. When my brother and myself heard our next door neighbor discussing this we knew we had to try to help. We ran a charity car wash and a 50/50 raffle where half the proceeds were to go to us and the other half the winner of the raffle. With these events and the help of others we raised a total of $500. Our neighbor decided to celebrate with a barbeque and we were thanked by many for our help and given the warmth and love of family. I felt like that was one of the most important things I have ever done in my life, because I felt I really learned what it meant to grow as a person and be successful. We were successful in raising our $500 goal and successful in changing the lives of others, I will never forget how that made me feel and all the lessons I learned from that. Often times the people who gave the most money weren’t the wealthy “successful” they were regular people who successful helped in a cause that really meant something.

Success is not everything and what makes you feel successful is totally up to your decision but if you really don’t feel you have been successful work for what will make you feel it. People have strong minds and wills, and your success can be stronger than you think if you just put your energy into what really matters to you.