Spotify App Review! for music lovers! by – Kyle Melendez

Spotify is an app where you can make your own playlists and stream music.

You can even follow your friends by connecting through Facebook!

the app itself has a ton of albums by the favorite artists you love.

It also has moods, where you can listen to music based on the type of mood your or genre you’re feeling.

This app is free for download!


You can make playlists however ,playing individual songs is only available on the computer.

Advertisements play every now and then.

The app is available for computer and mobile!


With premium you get get to stream high definition music.

As well as have an ad free listening experience.

Select any song on the mobile app instead of having to shuffle through.

You can make playlists and songs available offline.

Iv’e used this app for about two years now and i can say it’s definitely worth a download.It has a bunch of the artists that are around the world which is nice, because I have a favorite Japanese pop group I love to listen to and all of their music is on the app free for me to listen to. It lets me play specific songs on my computer. Which is pretty nice considering you can’t really do that on Pandora or iTunes Radio. Spotify even lets you try out Premium free for about a week so you can enjoy high definition songs! I use it more on the go than at home so at least you can use it on your phone. If your still on the fence try out premium and you’ll see the nice difference in transition!

Overall I give Spotify a 10/10 For Premium and a 9/10 for Free. By