Research Career Workshop

Majority of students at Valencia Community College are undecided about their career choice, well this workshop was to help you pick which career best fits your needs. The three questions that you should ask yourself first is:

1. Who am I?

2. Where am I going?

3. How to get there?

Once these questions are answered the next step is to find out what kind of career interest you are categorized in. In other words, what is your Holland Code. There are five different types of career interest and they are:

Realistic – Doers

 Investigators – thinkers

Artistic- Creators

Social- Helpers

Enterprising- Persuaders

Conventional- Organizers

All of these career interest have different kind of jobs attach to it and one way to find out is through one of the websites that is actually in your atlas account it is called My career planner. This website provides many assessment that can determine what area you are located under. If you do not like the website you can always talk to a person in the Career Center in building 5 room 230. In addition there are other websites that you can go to that are very helpful like:

An advice that is given from the presenter is” to find a way to experience the career you are interested in to see if you like it. The ways to find out is by doing community service or even by an internship.” Check out those websites above if your undecided about your career and hopefully they will help you!




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