New Nintendo 3DS XL Review!

I recently purchased the New nintendo 3DS for myself and it is amazing!

-Things to compare:

-New C-stick

-New Shoulder Lz and Rz Button

-New Face tracking 3D

-Speedier Processor.

-Longer Battery Life

-3 to 5 hours Original 3DS

-5 to 7 New Nintendo 3DS XL

I have the original 3DS and since I purchased it Iv’e noticed a significant improvement and I enjoy it a lot more.

With some games my older 3DS system which is the original 3DS I noticed when I was playing games , the system would lag a tiny bit more compared to the newer systems. For instance when I hit the home button, it would pause and take a couple of seconds to react.

Face tracking 3D I will admit is one of the reasons I really bought it. Unlike the original 3DS where the 3D has to be held in a certain spot for it to work, The New 3DS uses the accelerometer and new technology to actually track and adjust the 3DS with your perception! This makes people want to use the 3D portion a lot more.

Especially when Im playing Pokemon , When I turn on the 3d it lags significantly , but when I play with my new 3DS model it doesn’t lag at all. This is also true with Super Smash Bros. For 3DS.

I also feel like customizable themes work a lot more comfortable with the system in my experience.

This model will run you around $199 or $212 with tax.

If your looking for a 3DS or just want to upgrade I’d high recommend since there is a lot of games that the C-stick can assist with. Not to mention newer games might make use of the faster processor and push the consoles potential even further.

The Smaller version with customizable face plates was not released in America ,But the XL version did release in Red and Black Colors.

Below there is the North American commercial!

Overall I give the New Nintendo 3DS a 10/10!

New Nintendo 3ds, Regular and XL
New Nintendo 3ds, Regular and XL

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