Kirby Triple Deluxe Review! by- Kyle Melendez


I have always been a Kirby fan since I was a child. Iv’e always enjoyed the multiple installments in the handheld series such as Kirby’s Dreamland, Kirby’s Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby’s Squeak Squad.

However I enjoyed Kirby Triple Deluxe immensely. Almost as much as Return to Dreamland and Crystal shards!

This new 3DS Installment opened up new graphics for Kirby and the gameplay is just like the Wii Title: Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.

The music first off resembles that of Return to Dreamland and Crystal shards for the N64. Music types that are nostalgic to older players who used to play the system such as myself. I spend hours just listening to the games soundtrack.

Gameplay- While it may not be as awesome as merging two abilities together like Crystal shards, it definitely proved worthy introducing new abilities such as the Spear ability and the Beetle ability. It also brought back classic ones from the handle held such as Wheel and beam abilities!

The actual adventure is shorter than Return Dreamland but it is so much nicer to have Wii style Kirby play on a handheld instead of a 2D gameplay.

The game overall itself is also every kid friendly, which is also the reason I like it, the beautiful designs of the stages are very warming and friendly make it an easily enjoyable game to be playing!

Cons-Kirby TD’s gameplay is significantly shorter than it predecessor on the Wii.

The Story line also wasn’t as involved. With much of the characters from the series appearing at the end of the game instead for throughout.

Most of the main bosses are not new most of them return from previous titles.


Kirby TD is a great installment that I would recommend to any person who like cute fun games to try out. With it’s simple gameplay , Interesting game plot and overall friendliness it is a great game to pick and just enjoy, whether you fall in love with Kirby, the gameplay of the soundtrack I give this game a 10/10.