Fun DIY Emoji Pillows!

If you ever find some spare time and want to liven up your room space, Try this fun DIY craft!

After I watched this video on how to do I decided to try it myself- This is where the project came from

I personally decided to try it and they came out amazing and are a permanent part of my home bed room decor!

Here are some things that you need to get started.

a Yellow fleece

A glue gun/ Sewing machine

Some stuffing

and different color felt!

My Experience- It didn’t take too long , however it might be better to sew instead of glue gun because of the seams coming apart. Also templates as she says are extremely useful, I find myself sometimes getting uneven several times I try to cut out faces. You also want to get all sides of the face of the glue guns seeing as they could come off as well. Side tip put a lot of stuffing and make sure all the ends of the face are even out!

Overall it wasn’t hard , it took me and my friend about $30 and about 1-2 and a half to make but now we have fun pillows!