Valentine Day in different view points


Hey guys so it is February the month of Valentine’s Day where supposedly love is expressed from chocolate, stuff animals, roses, and romantic nights. Unfortunately some individuals do not see it in that kind of way, in fact they are against this holiday and think Valentine’s Day is too much. The topic was a interest, so a survey was conducted. The 10 people we interviewed about the holiday Valentine’s Day had all different opinions. The question that was asked through the interview was :

1. What do you think about Valentine’s Day?

2. Are you for Valentine’s Day or anti- Valentine? why?

The answer we got from some individuals were a surprise and made some sense into why they thought of it in that way.The first person we interviewed her name is Marileys and she stated that she is for Valentine’s Day because ” Valentine’s Day is more than just a day for lovers, I believe it’s also a day for friends and amicable relationships.” In other words instead of focusing on couple they should make it seems its for other type of relationship like for example a close friendship.

Second person: Alyssa S.

Alyssa is anti-valentine because she said ” all the treats and stuff animals are unnecessary. Why do you need to spend so much money on all these treats when the only way to show love is from your heart. People does not need to spend over 40 dollars for their love one when they can just show it in a different manner.” 

Third Person: Fransico A.

Fransico on the other hand went in the other direction and is for Valentine’s Day. He stated that “Valentine’s Day is a great holiday mainly because you get to show your love and the environment is positive. I mean think about it there are all these lovely couples expressing their feelings for each other without no arguments or anything. On this holiday there is no negativity once so ever unless you let it get to you.” 

Fourth person: Leida S.

Leida is against Valentine’s Day she stated ” Valentine’s Day should not be a holiday because if you really love someone that should be expressed everyday not just one day. On this specific day the male and female spends a lot of money for their loves one, but what about when it is just a normal day are all the money spent to show their love for one another the same. It really isn’t fair when just one day the couples start to spend time and giving the attention to one another when it  should be shown 24/7.”

Fifth person: Leticia V.

Leticia is for Valentine’s Day because it is a day that everyone shows appreciation to one another. She said that “this is the day when someone takes another person out to eat or buy materials for that special person. They express their love by giving them what they want, which is a romantic setting and letting the other person know how much they think about them. This type of expression is beautiful and I find it so sweet how much they will do for each other.”

Interviewer: Tiana Valentin




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