NBA AllStars Historic Night

Players in the NBA are constantly exposed to the media and the fans, where opinions on their play are often the main topics. Often times bias gets in the way and even the best of players can be spoken bad of, as everybody has the right to their own opinion and there can be reasons behind every argument, especially for sports. AllStar weekend is a weekend to celebrate the best players in the league and let them showcase their talent. It is a time where negativity is often left at the door, allowing the players to have a good time doing what they love doing, playing basketball. Every year the main event is the AllStar game Sunday night where the Eastern and Western conferences best and brightest go head to head, to see whose conference is the best. Often times it begins somewhat lighter and happier than an average game, but later on in the night, when it comes to the second half and especially the fourth quarter competitive spirits come out. Due to the lack of tough defense in the first half and the battle in the second half AllStar games often put up higher numbers than the average game, but this year many AllStar records were broken. Combined points in a half was broken in the first half, with 165, a number that could very well total a full length NBA game. The West came out on top, in the end scoring 163 points, tying the alltime record. Even in defeat the Easts 158 helped seal the record for most combined points in a game reaching 321. What may explain the great amount of points, would be the three point shooting exhibited by both teams, the East broke the record for most attempts with 68 but the West, in less attempts made 25 also a new record. As well as the combined totals of 48 made and 133 attempted also breaking records. While both teams managed to set their own records, the most impressive of all records was Russell Westbrooks 27 points in one quarter of play. Westbrook later finished with 41 total points, one short of the all time record 42 set by Wilt Chamberlain, who also holds the record for most points scored in a regular season game with 100. Westbrook, was pleased to take second and it earned him an AllStar MVP trophy, which many believe was what he came in aiming for. The last record and my favorite, is the first time brothers played against eachother in the AllStar game, Pau and Marc Gasol fought for the tip to begin the game, and faced eachother for the first few minutes of actions, making a very interesting first for the AllStar game. A night full of fun and records, allows for a nice break in the season, however starting this week the teams will be back in action, seeking their chance at the NBA title.