Sweetheart Savings Workshop

On February 12, 2015, the Sweetheart Savings Workshop was held at Valencia College’s East Campus in Building 3 at 1 PM. As soon as you entered the room, they had the sign-in sheet as usual, raffle tickets for prizes, and a bunch of pretty sugar cookies for the attendees to eat. The tables for the workshop was set up in a U Shape and the Financial Learning Ambassadors were the hosts of this workshop. The skillshop evaluation and a packet talking about what to do in certain financial situations as well as a budgeting sheet were placed on the tables for us to fill out and review later in the session. The Financial Learning Ambassadors started off the presentation by asking us what is saving and how many of us have a savings account? The majority of the attendees raised their hand for having a savings account, but did not answer what is saving? Saving is putting aside money for a rainy day and reducing the amount of money you spend. They continued the presentation by talking about how we can save money by having a savings account, using our Valencia College student discount in places by showing our student IDs, couponing, and budgeting. After that, the Financial Learning Ambassadors told us ways we can save on Valentine’s Day such as making DIY gift, enjoying free activities, celebrating on a different day, delivering gifts yourself, couponing, finding deals, spending the night with each other at home, and baking for your significant other. After they were done, a bank representative came and passed out her card and a budgeting packet that we could use to manage our finances. The representative also told us about how we can apply for scholarships in some specific banks and answered other questions as well. When she was done, the ticket raffle was started and two people were lucky enough to win little Valentine’s Day jars filled with various objects. The raffle was done and then in different groups, we went over the financial learning packet, which had to do with how to save money in certain situations such as Starbucks addiction, financial aid money saving, and book buyback profiting. Also, they mentioned the money tree they have and if you take a picture of him and tag him as well as their Instagram page in the pictures that you take of him, you could win a gift card in their next huge Financial Learning Ambassador event. The workshop was then concluded and overall, I have to say that this was probably one of the most fun workshops I have been to and it was very informative about how to save your money. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone else and remember to save as much money as you can in any situation. Also, remember to tell the people you love Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!