Super Smash Bros. for 3ds and Wii U Mini review

As some of you know Super Smash Bros. for 3ds came out October 3. However It took me a while to try out the Wii U version.

First off, the 3ds version.


-This game makes it easier for competitive battling since you can use local communications to play with other parties.

-The portability aspect makes it awesome to take Smash Bros were ever you want , and the fact you can play with the 3ds as a controller makes it more console versatile. you don’t need to bring a controller to parties.

-Improvements with certain characters such as Pit’s mechanics making him a much better character.



-I will say the small screen puts off kind of a disadvantage when seeing where your character is on screen. With everything going it’s easily to lose.

-Attacking is a bit awkward too with the absence of a C-Stick, Specials are harder to perform , especially with users complaining about their analog stick pad falling off. ( Happened to me as well).

Wii- U version


-8-player battles are fantastic, it gives an opportunity for everyone to play at the same time!

-The Wii stages are really fun and unique compared to brawl with omega and alpha stages changing the things that happen on stage from basic to interactive with the stage being against you in the battle.

-Customizable personal mii characters to fight with!


-The downside of it is that there is so many things going on, you can’t see and you can easily get bombarded by another team.

-This version of Smash Bros. seems to be a little less reactive , compared to Brawl or Melee. 

-L cancel is pretty much gone as well.

Overall- This game is worthy of picking up , not just for portable use but the fact that it is the next installment in the Smash Bros. series with a lot more improved mechanics. Even with classic music form the original Smash Bros. Game for N64 being used in the results area when a fight is finished.

I’d give it a 4.5/5