Spring is Coming

By Tiana Valentin and Mai Son

“The earth laughs in flowers.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The season of winter is almost gone and spring is just around the corner. This is the time when the flowers begin to bloom again and grass becomes greener. Everyone with a green thumb hits the soil once again and the gardens grow with new life. We love when the season of spring starts and not just because of spring break, but because of the beautiful flowers that start to grow. The few pictures shown were taken of the flowers around Valencia’s East Campus that are beginning to blossom.

One of our favorite flowers is the sunflower which spring is the perfect time for them to start blooming. The most common sunflower is called helianthus annus which is the sunflower grown for edible oils and fruits as well as used for bird food.

The spring season is also referred to as the spring equinox and it is a time of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection. Not only are the plants and flowers coming back to life, but so are people as spring is the perfect time to start a new beginning. It is the season of renewal as one can reinvent themselves and start over. So, as spring approaches us take the time to enjoy the beauty of a single flower beginning its new life.

Pictures taken by: Mai Son


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