New Year New Me

By:Colby Birkett

As January is winding down and coming to a close so are many of the resolutions set at just the beginning of the month. Why is that? Why are so many coveted goals and plans left unfinished? When just weeks before they were the stress and motivation for people who declared they would follow through with these goals. it’s simple really, new years resolutions are just goals set with fancy terminology and ridiculous reasoning. Most goals are set because there is a motivation to want to complete them, for example people often decide to go to the gym to gain self-confidence and feel better about themselves.

On a New Year however many people set resolutions because others will ask what it is, or because they found something they haven’t got around to or just kept failing at. So why do our resolutions often fail? They are goals with little behind them and are often ​set for achievement over a long period of time (within the next year). We struggle completing long term goals as we as humans have gotten very accustomed to being quickly or instantly rewarded for our hard work. We value our time and effort alot and we only do what we feel we are getting something out of. So to those of you who may be hanging on to your resolutions or are looking to improve yourselves, focus on setting benchmark goals and try to work with one goal at a time. For example I set a goal to write this article tonight, but i wasn’t really motivated id rather drink a cup of tea and watch netflix, so i decided i would only do that once my article was complete, telling myself that gave me an instant reward for my time and effort something we can’t always get. So what if you can’t reward yourself at the moment? Well that is good because constantly rewarding yourself is a slippery slope it is only to be done when needed and not to be used all of the time, but no worries there are other easy motivators for working hard. One is envisioning yourself when you have completed your goal, envisioning the long term reward at the end, this is a simple one most people use with work, envisioning the paycheck at the end of the week. Another great trick is to let yourself feel good about small advances, back to the gym example many people get discouraged when they weigh themselves every day and hardly lose, but if you weigh yourself once a week you can see you lost two pounds and feel really good about it all. That is a type of saving up your reward so to speak. However, another way to motivate yourself can come out of that, sticking with the same example, the next time you really want to skip the gym or hop on the scale early you can remember how good it felt to wait and get your good results, this can motivate you and even make you feel accomplished all over again. Now what if most of these techniques still can get you motivated? Reflect on what you are doing and how bad you really want it, if there is no passion for it within you, maybe it is better to focus your energy on something more meaningful. Keep setting goals and keep busting through, this will give you confidence and make you feel like you are on a roll, allowing you to set tougher goals and feel stronger about completing them. Stay motivated, stay confident, and stay goals oriented, and next time you think about setting a new years resolution think of all the steps you are going to take to get there, those goals will make you reach the largest one and make you a success.