Improve Your Reading & Writing Skills with Claro Read Workshop

Claro Read Program
On February 5, 2015, the Improve Your Reading & Writing Skills with Claro Read Workshop was presented by Chris Cuevas on Valencia College’s East Campus. The workshop started off with him having individuals read the 13 rules on How We Treat Each Other. After all the rules were read aloud, he talked about how it is important to make a statement and to announce your presence in a room. We were presented with the warm-up of meeting one new person in the room and exchanging names, the reason why we came to the workshop, and what was our major. It was a pretty interesting experience, considering I met 3 people and after the greetings were shared, he went on to conducting the presentation for the workshop. The main topic of the workshop was a program called Claro Read. Claro Read is a program that is able to improve your reading, writing, and language skills by reading things to you so you are able to memorize what you have to learn. The program reads material aloud to you in various voices and can help you study in a more efficient way. You are able to save the voiced material of what it read to you so you can have it on your computer as a video, a music file, or even a file on iTunes so you can listen to your study material on the go or whenever. The program has many options such as text color changes, highlighting colors for words, reading various calculator inputs, making outlines/brain map charts for you, and changing the screen colors as well. You can have the voice read very fast or very slow in a variety of language as well. He demonstrated the program’s abilities and it really showed me how the world of technology has evolved. I would definitely recommend it for any student that wants to be successful in their education life and the other great thing about it is that it is free to Valencia College students. The only requirement is to meet with Mr. Cuevas to discuss on how to get it on your computer, but I would say Claro Read is definitely worth having for a variety of things.