The Wedding Ringer: Movie Review

The Wedding Ringer

On January 16, 2015, the romantic comedy-drama movie, The Wedding Ringer, was released in theaters. The Wedding Ringer is about a soon-to-be husband named Doug and his wife Gretchen going through the process of planning a wedding. Doug runs into the issue of having to find a best man and 7 groomsmen to match Gretchen’s bridesmaids party. The wedding planner refers Doug to Jimmy Callahan, who is the owner of Best Man Inc. Jimmy takes the offer of pulling off a “Golden Tux” wedding in which he has never done before for $50,000 from Doug and goes under the alias of Bic Mitchum. Jimmy recruits his old friends to help pull off the “Golden Tux” wedding and they go through a lot of crazy adventures along the way. Jimmy goes to the family brunch with Doug, in which they accidentally set the grandma on fire. They also set up a football game with the future father-in-law’s college buddies and ended up winning the game. Doug meets his groomsmen, which turns out to be an interesting group of people. They take fake photoshoots, party, and spend a lot of time together before the wedding. In the whole process, Jimmy and Doug learn about themselves and their lives as the wedding comes near including how they want to live life. Overall, this movie was unbelievably hilarious to me and I would definitely recommend seeing it if you are okay with “odd” parts and hilarious scenes.