Valencia Resources

Many students find that there are resources in Valencia College that have gone unheard of.

Within these resources is the Academic Success Center. Located downstairs at building 4, the ASC has over twenty rooms which offer aid for every single Valencia student. The writing center, math center, group study rooms, computers, calculators, printers and tutoring are available.

Communications center/ writing center: With the writing center, students are able to turn in their essays, reports, short answer assignments, etc. for a review. The writing center will look over the piece of writing, and will correct and proof read the paper. Other help they provide is for speech production, computer software and class labs. VID, print card, typed paper and knowing the course name and number and the name of the instructor. are required in order to proceed with the session. Writing consultations are by appointment and walk-in for developmental reading and writing students through

Math center: The math center offers help with, yes, you got it, math. From college algebra, to intermediate algebra, students who once took these courses or excelled at them, tutor and help with any home works and lessons. They not only provide face to face tutoring, but also online. Besides tutoring, they are specialized to work with students to practice and pass the math PERT test. Calculator check outs are also available for a four hour time period.


  • Math workshops schedule located in Math Center main desk
  • Hands on help with homework, tests, and practice
  • Calculator check outs

Group study rooms: These rooms can be “checked out” for any students that may want to study with other individuals. It can be used for as long as needed, unless there are other requests coinciding.

Computers: Just as the upstairs library, there are computers in the ASC that provide the service of printing. Although some computers are reserved for tutoring only, there are over fifty desktops.

Sign language tutoring: This serves as an aid for anyone pursuing to learn sign language fluently.

Foreign language tutoring: This service is offered to students taking a Spanish, French or German language class. Through here, students may be given help in any of the previously mentioned languages.

Other resources not many Valencia students are aware of:

  • Free Microsoft 2013 software: located in your Valencia outlook email.
  • Pookie’s pantry: Located in building 5 in the student development office, students are allowed to collect five items by simply showing their VID and current student detail schedule.
  • My career planner: in personal atlas account, under My Life Map. Students take free tests which will allow them to choose which careers relate best to their personalities, values, passions, drives and interests.
  • Academic refresher: during the beginning of the freshman semester of college, the ASC offers a refresher in academics overall, to prepare for the upcoming courses and tweak areas of acdemic weakness.

For more information about the Academic Success Center in Building 4 downstairs go to: