E.L.I.T.E Bake Sale

At Osceola Campus we have the mentoring program called E. L. I. T. E. which stands for Everyone Leads in This Environment. They concentrate on being role models for other students while helping each other as a close-knit, like-minded group of peers to rise to the top. On Wednesday and Thursday, November 12th-13th from 12 pm- 3 pm, they held a bake sale as a way to fund raise money to support their program. At the same time they brought a smile to people’s faces as they sold homemade and donated sweets at economic prices so that everyone cold enjoy the treats, cheering up their day. They offered a variety of desserts from American brownies and cornbread to Hispanic flan and tres-leches cake, of which I couldn’t help devouring some. Personally, I had lovely conversations with a couple of the customers as I hung out with them and advertised E.L.I.T.E.’s kiosk as a sort of cheerleader. There was a sense of home and friendliness surrounding them, it was a fun event, and a nice way to spend the afternoon.




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