The Power of Social Media

We all use social networks to interact with our friends and family, but did we ever think that could lead to fame?

Just two weeks ago one tweet made a huge difference for 16-year-old, Alex Lee.

This ordinary teen became an overnight sensation when a girl tweeted a photo of him, with the #AlexFromTarget, that became viral in a matter of minutes!

Since then Alex went from 144 twitter followers to 737,000 followers. He has also appeared on Ellen Degeneres and has turned down appearance requests from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” E! News, and more.

#AlexFromTarget is exactly what the hashtag implies, a teenage boy named Alex who works at target and out of no where became every teenage girls dream.

Alex is not the only one who became nationally known over social media. For example Vine star, Nash Grier became a social media icon for his 6 second videos.

So lets face it, social media is apart of our culture. As long as you catch the attention of the right audience (like teenage girls), just one tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram selfie can become an online uproar!