November Is National Writing Month

November is national writing month hosted by in this month writer look to write 50,000 words in one month, those who complete their novels on time may get them printed, fast tracked to publishing, or any of many other rewards. Many nanowrimo writers track their progress by trying to write at least 1,900 words a day to stay on top of their goals. Although our writers are ambitious those who start late have to be even more ambitious. Andrew Birkett who started 3 days late, is now trying to pull himself together to reach the deadline in time, but plagues of writers block and a busy schedule hold him back from being sure of himself. Andrew is writing his story about a plot that him and i talked about one day just sitting around bored, making up stories, we both decided it would make a great book and movie series but never began work on it. The story takes place within a study that isolates children from birth, and restricts them from being exposing to certain ideas that are currently in popular culture. The study is designed to see if they are not exposed to “aliens” in movies and other media, what they will tell you an “alien” may look like. This study was taken on by a scientist named, Fredrick Zarcolias which is currently the title of the story.