Interview Like a Pro Workshop

On November 13, 2014, the Interview Like a Pro Workshop was held on Valencia College’s East Campus. The speaker of the workshop happened to be one of the ladies that worked in the Career Center. The lady started off the workshop by asking us questions related to what we believe should happen in the process of going for an interview and presenting the Powerpoint she made for us. The presentation began with what you should do before an interview and continued with what you should do during and after an interview.

Before an interview, you should:
Research the company
Research the employer and the company’s mission
Research the job description
Practice interviewing
Prepare a resume
Get business, formal appropriate clothes such as women’s attire (blazers, stocking, heels, dressy blouses, a pantsuit, or slacks, and men’s attire (dress shirt, dress shoes, slacks, matching socks, or a suit)
Practice manners
Look into internships, volunteering, and other opportunities to gain job experience

During an interview, you should:
Don’t wear too much fragrance
Look clean cut and professional with business attire
Greet the employer
Thank the employer for their time at the beginning and at the end of the interview
Make small talk (No personal questions)
Shake hands with the employer if they extend their hand to you and remember if that is the case, extend your hand to them at the end of the interview
Make eye contact
Have manners
Ask questions (No questions related to pay)
Mention your strengths that are related to the job
Don’t share too much personal information
Have a positive mindset/good attitude
Be willing to learn more

After the interview, you should:
Follow up with a thank you email

She mentioned all of these things during the Powerpoint presentation and gave us a sheet talking about a service that Valencia College offers online called “The Perfect Interview”. The website gives you a practice interview through either webcam or through typing. You say or type your answers to the interview questions and the coach and another person guide you through how to answer the questions if you encounter them in an interview. After the presentation, we were given a sheet that talks about what the Career Center is and what it does as well as Online Career Tools. The Career Center offers Career Assessments, their own library, their own computer lab, Resume Writing assistance, Interviewing Skills, Job Hunting Techniques, and College Transfer Information.

The Online Career Tools listed on the paper include:
The Occupational Outlook Handbook –
O*Net OnLine –
Florida CHOICES Planner –
Vocational Biographies –
What Can I Do with This Major? University of Tennessee research –
What Can I Do with This Major? University of North Carolina, Wilmington –
Peterson’s –
Florida Virtual Campus –
Perfect Interview –

Overall, I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in finding a job now or later in the future. The Career Center would definitely be useful to go about the process in finding a job and the advice given to us in how to go about the whole interview process is really enlightening. The Interview Like a Pro workshop definitely teaches you step-by-step how to go about the interview process before, during, and after to make sure you have a successful interview to land the job you are searching for.