Our own story, Our own life style, we have all  walked different roads and seen things that can not be unseen.

How can you possibly understand me, my life style, my thoughts, morals and ideas.

How can you understand, if you are not me and I am not you. How can we relate to each other… our paths are just two different.

The truth is I don’t have to be and you do not have to be me. There is no one struggle greater than the other nor no one achievement more significant.

Struggle, achievement , and success is all determined by its beholder our path can only be walked by us alone.

At the end of the day our path is what separates us from one another; however, our hears beat the same and we all bleed the same. We are human all of us.

We are a race that should embrace not just each other but every moment, memory, and every second that we can come together and grow as a human race.

Growth, development, advancement, movement , and change are all words that describes us as humans.



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