What is success?

What is success? Can it even be described?

I believe success if can be described as a life goal that every one has an equal opportunity to accomplish.

Success is the feeling of triumph, that satisfy feeling that brushes against your skin when you have overcome.

Success is the definition of your drive for the future.

Success is a thought waiting to be developed, a theory waiting to be tested, a notion waiting to be acted on and despite the struggle that is obvious to come you still proceed with you plan and journey to success relentlessly.

Success is you, Success is me,  Success is even we.

Successful is what we are born to be.

Successful is in our DNA, it is our natural instinct and our way of discover who we are as people.

Discover your success, discover your self and in return you will find that your success was always apart of a bigger plan it was just up to you to walk the bath and be strong enough to endure.

Success = endurance + determination – doubt


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