Thanksgiving vs Black Friday

By: Kimberly Arce

Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans gather with their friends and family for a day of feasting. Ultimately giving thanks for everything they have till this day. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. So how has Black Friday affected Thanksgiving?

Since 2011, major retail stores have been opening on Thanksgiving day. Because of this people decide to camp in front of the stores and wait in line as early as on Thanksgiving morning, sometimes even five days prior to that. Retail stores keep opening doors more and more earlier then the actual opening day (Friday).Kmart has announced that their opening day will be on Thanksgiving day at 8 a.m. These hours effect the employees. The employees like anyone else want to spend time with family and friends, not wake up to get ready for work and come back sometimes until the next day.

(click on image to see video)

Many think that Black Friday is a frenzy traditional event, which it should but that’s not always the case. As shown in Detroit Free Press, Black Friday Death Count, and Ranker constant violence occurs in a multitude of stores world wide. People fighting and bickering over material items as if they will never in their life time have the opportunity to buy it again. What is most shocking about this time of year is the lack of respect, holiday cheer, manners and SANITY people possess after JUST celebrating a holiday in which your suppose to be THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. It’s time to show how truly thankful you are.

Hope you have a Happy Holiday, stay humble.


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