Female Empowerment Symposium

On November 7, 2014, the Female Empowerment Symposium was held on Valencia College’s West Campus. It started at 11:30 AM and lasted until 3:30 PM. After checking in for the event, we were given folders, lunchboxes, and goody bags. The room that the event was held in was really spacious and the event was for female students only. Inside the folder we were given, it had a schedule of what was to happen during the program, quotes, a list of affirmations, a list of do’s and don’ts regarding character traits, a mindset changing worksheet, a paper talking about documenting life on technology, and a packet of light bulb moments from different people. The lunchbox had some candies, hand sanitizer, and a bracelet.

The program started off with introductions of the people who put together the event and afterward, lead into a welcome by the president of the West Campus, Dr. Falecia D. Williams. She gave us a welcome and we were lead into an activity about choosing a quote that stood out to us most in the room filled with quotes on the walls. We chose our quotes and were asked to hold hands with each others and read the quotes that we stood by.

The activity led into the beginning of the Orlando Repertory Theater presentation by a group of girls from Evans High School, who put together a Spoken Word piece in honor of the event and women. After they performed, they asked us questions about what we thought of their performance. We had a lunch break, which had many food vendors, door prizes, and $10 gift cards for participating in HIV testing. After the 40 minute lunch break, Mrs. Florida 2014(Courtney Shaw) talked to us about her life and how she feels about female empowerment. At 2 PM, we were given another lecture about The Company We Keep by Dr. Tanisha Carter and Mrs. Dee Holton, who happened to be best friends for 13 years and are still going. They mentioned 5 fun facts about each other, talked about their experiences as well as quotes, and showed us music that they bonded together on as well as pictures. Then, Ms. Tracie Godfrey went over the list of do’s and don’ts regarding character traits and asked us about our opinions on the certain aspects of the list, which led into some interesting topics such as cheating and life talks.

Finally, we were given final remarks by Dr. Carter as she thanked all the faculty and staff who helped put together the event. I would recommend going to this event if you, as a female, want to be able to relate to other women and to just be able to change your overall mindset about yourself or your life in general. Overall, the Female Empowerment Symposium was an enlightening event to go to for females learning about what it is to gain power and to be accepting of yourself to continue through life.
Female Empowerment